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iCONIC Mobile LED screens

The world’s most comprehensive range of LED screens and services to make your event extra special

Welcome to the iCONIC family: the world's widest, largest and most versatile range of mobile LED screens.

With screen size options from 12m² to 100m² and a fleet of over 25 screens, there is an iCONIC screen for every occasion and every size of event, each featuring ADI's class-leading Virtuality screen technology in 16:9 format to comply with today's broadcast standards.

All iCONIC mobile LED screens:

  • Have a built in generator
  • Are in 16:9 format, ensuring compliance with latest broadcast standards
  • Have a setup time of under an hour
  • Have an onboard screen processor
  • Feature the latest Virtuality LED screen technology
  • Can be operated by just one person
  • Come with a fully trained driver/operator

Market-Leading High Resolution Screens

Many of our iCONIC range are now available with stunning high resolution screens, designed specifically for HD content.

Larger screens such as the iCONIC 100+ and iCONIC 60s+ feature giant HD resolution screens, making your content look even more spectacular.

iCONIC 100+

On smaller screens (iCONIC 15+, 25+ and iFLY 25+) it means your viewers can get even closer to the screen – ideal for promotional and experiential campaigns.

iCONIC 15+

Look for the iCONIC + logo on the screen selector pages

Ground Supported and Flown LED Screens

There are a few occasions when a mobile LED screen just won’t do – and a few locations that even our iFLY 25 can’t get into!

On those occasions, we offer modular LED screens which can be built to suit your event size and specification.

We offer two types of modular LED screens:

  • Flown LED screens, are built and then hung from a pre-built permanent or temporary structure.
  • Ground Supported LED screens, built on ADI's custom built lightweight ground-support structure.

Flown LED screen

Ground Supported LED screen

Full Event Broadcast

A giant screen is no good if you’ve nothing to put on it!

Our dedicated event broadcast team can provide a full broadcast solution for your event, utilising either onboard production facilities or our dedicated event broadcast vehicle.