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Flown LED Screens

Stunning Flown LED Screens Ideal for Concert and Festivals

There are some occasions when a mobile LED screen isn't suitable and ADI offer modular LED screens for use on pre-built structures.

  • Allows for screens to be hung from rigid structure.
  • Ideal for concert/stage environments.
  • Frame gives easy access to screens and improved rigidity in larger screens.
  • Made from light high-grade aluminium.
  • Easy, quick setup times.
  • Accommodates screen sizes up to 200m².

The Festival Organiser's favourite - flown LED screens are most commonly seen at concerts, flanking either side of the stage and being ‘flown' from the PA wings.

Virtuality's aluminium subframe and storage system allows for quick and easy assembly and a lightweight structure. The frame also allows for easy access to panel components for easy and safe maintenance on the job.

Flown LED screens are incredibly versatile; their modular design means that they can be built to any required shape or format and to over 100m².

Before choosing a flown screen, you might like to consider our iFLY 25 screen, which may prove to be a more flexible and cost effective option.