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iFLY 25 Next Generation mobile LED screen

iFLY 25 Gallery iFLY 25 Gallery iFLY 25 Gallery iFLY 25 Gallery iFLY 25 Gallery iFLY 25 Gallery iFLY 25 Gallery iFLY 25 Gallery iFLY 25 Gallery iFLY 25 Gallery iFLY 25 Gallery




Height (transport)


Height (max)


Height to base of screen (max)


Length (transport)


Length (operating)


Trailer Width (transport)


Trailer Width (operating)


Screen Size

6,400 x 3,840mm

Screen Resolution

20mm (actual)
10mm (virtual)

See it in Action

View our case studies to see how the iFLY 25 has been used for various events.


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Data Sheet (PDF)

The world's most flexible mobile LED screen, the iFLY 25 is a revolution in design and practicality. With unrivalled levels of positioning and reach, iFLY 25 enables us to position your screen exactly where you want.

  • Completely unique screen - revolutionary design
  • Unrivalled operating footprint
  • 360° range of movement
  • Height adjustable from 0 - 9.8m to base of screen
  • Position your screen EXACLTY where you want it
  • The world's most flexible outdoor screen
  • On board super-quiet generator
  • Single person operation
  • 24 minute setup time

Welcome to the future of mobile LED screens.

Truly is the world's most flexible outdoor screen, iFLY 25 allows unrivalled levels of positioning over three axis and from 0-13m in height. As well as providing a quicker, safer and less labour-intensive alternative to traditional ‘flown' LED screens, iFLY can go where no LED screen has gone before.

The iFLY 25 is designed in a completely different way to any other mobile LED screen, built around a telescopic arm which gives a similar operating scope to that of a crane and an unrivalled range of motion and reach.

Whilst ADI's iCONIC mobile LED screens can spin or change height, the iFLY takes this a stage further, with full freedom of movement through 360° and up to a maximum height of over 13m.

iFLY offers a far safer and more flexible alternative to flown screens with computer sensors constantly monitoring environmental conditions. The iFLY 25 is wind tested to Gale Force 8, but can to be lowered in seconds if required, whilst a build/derig time of under 30 minutes enables event organisers to minimise hire duration and makes it ideal for city locations.

Like all iCONIC screens, iFLY comes with on-board generator and production facilities making it a fully self-contained solution.