Virtuality Stadium Screens


In Action: Aston Villa

Integrated LED Screen and digiBOARD solution for Villa Park.

ADI were contracted by Aston Villa FC to provide an integrated media solution for the club stadium, radically upgrading their audio-visual facilities at Villa Park to provide a world class stadium experience for spectators and sponsors.

The contract has seen ADI installing an unprecedented array of LED screen and broadcast equipment, with nearly 300m² of LED screen product both throughout Villa Park, both inside and outside of the stadium, supported by a full hardware and software broadcast infrastructure to manage and control output.

Integrated Network

The integrated display network features a centralised server feeding 157m² of digiBOARD pitch perimeter advertising boards, a new digiBOARD scoreboard, a new 36m² Virtuality in-stadia LED screens and also 2 static 15m² double-sided rotating screens in the Villa Park car park. Content is co-ordinated via the central server to create consistent programming throughout the fans' stadium experience, from when they enter the stadium car-park, throughout the match and right through to leaving after the match.

Content within and outside of the stadium differs, with the stadium screens showing a traditional matchday programme, featuring advertisements, highlights and interviews, whilst the carpark screens run a "club news" style channel, with zoned screen areas showing ticker tape information and matchday info in different areas.


Villa Park features a full broadcast arc (around 3 sides) of digiBOARD digital perimeter advertising. Villa were one of the first clubs to take delivery of digiBOARD, which is now the UK's leading pitchside advertising technology. Villa's digiBOARDs continue to be maintained and operated by ADI, with content also created and collated by ADI's Production department.

Global Programming

ADI, in conjunction with Villa's media team also produce a weekly programme for Aston Villa, broadcast to multiple territories globally. The three hour programme features Villa's latest match in its entirety along with latest club news and interviews, highlights of other club matches and archive material. ADI work closely with on-site personnel at Villa Park to create content for the programme. The final version of each is produced at ADI's Preston Headquarters and ADI are then responsible for worldwide distribution of the programme.


"Our aims for Villa Park are to make it a ‘Destination Experience' and to make it a stadium envied by our competitors and adored by our fans.

"Pivotal to our philosophy is how we communicate with our fans and also how we communicate our sponsors' messages and the best way to achieve this is through LED technology, which is dynamic, versatile and high impact. In our opinion, ADI was the best placed candidate to manage and improve the complete process."