ADI have worked with Everton for over a decade to provide a huge range of hardware and content services

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Giant Screens at Goodison Park

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Stadium-wide, Live Venue based fan engagment solution for Goodison Park.

In a relationship extending back over a decade, ADI are a longterm supplier of stadium LED screen and broadcast services to Everton FC.

Everton were the first club to adopt ADI’s innovative Live Venue platform and have recently signed a new contract to extend the partnership for a further five years.

Stadium Display Hardware

Goodison Park features a large number of ADI-installed and managed displays, with two 45m² high resolution Virtuality v8 LED screens taking centre stage within the stadium. In addition to playing out full match coverage and pre-match and half time programming, the screens feature an integrated scoreboard and additional club promotional banner beneath.

Over 120 plasma displays throughout the concourse, hospitality and corporate areas ensure the entertainment stretches beyond the stadium bowl, creating a continuous communication platform for fans throughout the matchday experience.

Matchday Coverage

The Live Venue platform has revolutionised the matchday coverage at Goodison Park, with the existing matchday broadcast studio at Goodison Park decommissioned and every screen in their stadium now controlled directly from ADI’s Live Venue studios.

Goodison Park receives three separate channels from ADI on a matchday, with different content for stadium screens, concourse televisions and screens in hospitality lounges allowing the club to target content at different fans at different stages of the matchday.

Content Creation / Programming and Production

ADI provide Everton with a full broadcast and production package for all of the screens in the stadium. This consists of three separate channels delivered in real time over the Live Venue dedicated fibre optic network.

The matchday programming is a result of a close working partnership between Everton and ADI, with two members of our Production staff based full-time at Goodison Park to prepare much of the content each week. This allows them to film and edit interviews with key players and personnel, ensuring content is fresh, engaging and entertaining, encouraging fans to arrive early at the stadium.

As well as entertainment, the programming includes a number of commercial elements – such as integrated on-screen advertising packages and various areas of sponsorship.

Live Stats

Everton’s programming features the Live Venue Live Stats package, which delivers real time information to a number of areas.

These enable the stadium scoreboards to deliver live match statistics, including possession, corners, shot on target throughout the match. Meanwhile, the league tables that feature on concourse and hospitality monitors update to reflect the current scores across the league.

Beyond the Stadium

ADI supply Everton with additional Live Venue programming services beyond the matchday stadium services, including highlights packages delivered to the club website.

Recorded in real time and featuring a separate commentator at the Live Venue studios, highlights are cut directly following the match and allowing them to be uploaded straight after of the final whistle.

By using Live Venue, this process is able to happen instantly and allows continuity of quality, branding and club values to be reflected across all of Everton’s programming.

ADI's giant LED screens at Goodison Park.

All content is delivered live from the Live Venue galleries.

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