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In Action: West Bromwich Albion

Installation of innovative new eurodigiBOARD system – with crowd-facing LED - at The Hawthorns

Newly promoted West Bromwich Albion were the world's first club to receive ADI's revolutionary new eurodigiBOARD LED perimeter advertising system.

eurodigiBOARD is the world's first digiBOARD system to offer an additional crowd-facing row of LED panels, opening new match-day promotional opportunities to advertisers and an extra revenue stream to stadium owners.

As well as the standard 640mm front LED strip, eurodigiBOARD also features a 320mm row of LED panels on the rear, which face the crowd. The crowd-facing strip carries different content to the camera-facing side – as it is in the crowd's sightline of the match, there is only minimal movement so as not to become too distracting and it also carries club messages to rouse the crowd before and during the match.

Flexible System

eurodigiBOARD is an incredibly flexible system, allowing for two different setup modes. WBA use the "UK" mode, with the front panel giving a 640mm height of advertising space – the standard size of pitchside advertising in the UK and an additional 320mm crowd-facing strip on the rear.

However, the product can also be used in "Euro" Mode, with the rear panel flipped over to provide a single much taller 960mm row of digiBOARD – a size that is more common in European stadiums.

This makes eurodigiBOARD an incredible flexible product and one suited especially well to a rental model and for use in different stadiums.

The latest incarnation of the popular digiBOARD product is based around ADI's new S line Virtuality LED screen technology. This gives the product exceptional quality, including pixel mapping for an incredibly stable and clear picture, and an ultra-high refresh rate to ensure advertising is always visible and clear, even during slow motion replays. Intelligent panels ensure that colour and brightness of the system remain constant throughout the lifetime, even if parts of the system need to be replaced.

Rental Contract

WBA's installation is a hire agreement, with ADI renting the technology to the club on a season by season basis. Having spent much of the last decade moving up and down between The Premier League and Championship, West Bromwich Albion are aware of the financial pressures involved. The digital perimeter advertising model is difficult to succeed with in the Championship as revenues are far lower than the Premier League; WBA's rental deal allows them to have the additional revenue stream of a pitchside perimeter system without having to commit to a longterm investment.

Club Comment

"We are incredibly pleased with the latest digiBOARD installation we have received from ADI; in every aspect it is a vast improvement over systems we have used in previous years.

"Sponsors have been incredibly happy with the picture quality and the additional crowd-facing strip has opened up new revenue streams for the Club and has generally been well received by fans".