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LED screens and digital signage are fast becoming integral to campus life at learning establishments across the country.

Forward thinking colleges and universities are recognising the huge value in LED screens, with their ability to entertain, educate and promote making them a natural hub of campus life.


Campus LED screens can form an important part of the education process, particularly for arts and media related courses, where the screen can be integrated into course curriculums. They are a natural location to showcase projects, whether they be exhibitions of artwork of live viewings of plays and performances.


Like screens in city centres, campus LED screens can provide a great source of entertainment and promote a community spirit on campus. Live viewings of important events such as the Olympics and Wimbledon or evening movie nights are a great way to encourage students to socialise on campus rather than in town and help promote onsite businesses, bars and restaurants.


What better way to promote the latest news and upcoming events than on LED screens or digital signage? With incredible impact and the ability to be updated instantly and automatically, they can become the go-to location for the latest campus activities.

Information & Wayfinding

With most educational establishments embracing collaboration with outside businesses, their campuses regularly welcome new visitors on a daily basis both inside and outside of term time.

Digital signage is the ideal solution for these types of scenarios, offering the ability to direct multiple sets of visitors and students to different locations and helping to manage traffic and visitor flow around busy locations around campus.

Advertising & Sponsorship

Of course, LED screens and digital signage make ideal promotional platforms and advertising from your partners or third parties can play a key role in funding the long term operation of the technology.

Our content management software allows for multiple playlists to be scheduled depending on time or date and can also provide logs of advertisements shown to add value to your location.

In Action


ADI’s 55m² screen has transformed the exterior of a new West Midlands Academy.

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