Epoch 230s

intu Lakeside

Southside Wandsworth

Outdoor LED screen

Epoch 330

intu Lakeside

Indoor LED Screens

Dual-sided Identifier @ Bluewater Shopping Centre

Bullring Shopping Centre

Indoor Advertising Screen

Despicable Me 3 campaign

Epoch 230s, intu Lakeside

Retail & Shopping Centres

Whether it be storefront product promotion or shopping centre big screen customer entertainment, our solutions help to make an event out of the shopping trip.

Shopping Centre LED Screens

Shopping Centres are a natural fit for LED screens – a large and diverse footfall makes them attractive as a promotional medium and the leisure-centred atmosphere makes the mall an ideal location to consume content.

Lifetime Value

More and more shopping centres are recognising the value in owning their own LED screens, rather than following the advertising-led model of third party ownership, both in terms of profitability and control.

By considering capital costs over the course of the lifecycle of LED screens, venues can not only derive increased value and a more favourable split of advertising sales, but also gain editorial control over content, creating a far more flexible and valuable platform.

Peace of Mind with UK Control and Support

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t enlist a third party company to install and support our LED screens. Our in-house installation and maintenance departments bring accountability and means a skilled engineer is always on hand to assist with any issues at short notice.

YOUR Channel for YOUR Shopping Centre Centre

We aim to make LED technology work for you. That means benefiting your shopping centre, your retailers and your shoppers – not just media companies and third party advertisers.

Shopping Centre LED screens can create rich, engaging experiences, offering real value and creating lasting dialogue between you, your retailers and your customers throughout their shopping day.

We’re able to blend the latest LED screens with advanced production and content delivery technologies and localised media sales, allowing our customers to look beyond the billboard advertising model and create their own bespoke shopping centre channel.

In Action


ADI’s installations at the Bluewater Shopping Centre have created a high impact promotional platform utilised by the world’s biggest name in out-of-home advertising, JC Decaux.

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LED technology delivers unrivalled impact, improving brand awareness on the busy highstreet and acting as a powerful communication tool to connect directly with your customers.

The value of moving imagery over static signage is well documented, but LED scores over other display technologies in its sheer brightness – delivering vibrant and beautiful pictures even in direct sunlight – and its incredible flexibility – allowing for uniquely creative shapes and formats to be easily produced.

Multi-Site Solutions

Our scalable solutions feature everything required to create and distribute stunning promotional content to single or multiple sites. ADI’s powerful Live Venue content management platform ensures complete control and flexibility to deliver intelligent and reactive programming that attracts customers whilst enforcing your brand values.

We work closely with retail customers from conceptual project stage, offering a full consultancy service to ensure we provide a solution to meet the individual needs that each project requires, before providing full project management and continued support and production throughout the lifetime of your installation.