Advantages of Modular Screens

With media facades becoming more and more popular in big cities, large LED digital signage has firmly entrenched itself as landmark of the city skyline.

Indoor Digital Screens

Mobile LED screens are witnessing growing usages in the advertisement world and generating more attention in comparison to fixed screens. However, modular indoor screens based on dot matrix or SMD technology provide better picture quality than mobile screens. Moreover, there is no need for waterproofing as they are not subject to nature’s adversity. They are best suited for near distance viewing. The size of these screens will not be as large as outdoor screens because their purpose is to draw attention of people who are in near distance viewing range.

They are much easier to install and maintain because of their light weight and easy to install procedures. Indoor LED screens are widely used at indoor concerts, railway stations, airports and shopping centres.

The brightness of indoor screens can be adjusted so that they give the perfect clarity in any environment.


Modular digital signage can be used for any number of purposes. In exhibitions and conferences, they can be used as excellent wall backdrops for displaying product or company information.

You can use LED digital screens for important presentations to delegates, peers or potential customers. Well thought of content and other product values are sure to impress them and express your strong intentions and establish your credentials.

Event organisers of award ceremonies can make use of the screens to reveal nomination videos, reveal winners or display sponsor information. Whether it is a small or a large event you are planning, you can choose from differently sized screens that will fit your purpose and won’t be too heavy on your purse.

The scope for use of LED screens in advertising and branding exercises is immense. Whether you want to publicise a sale or use it for promotional activity, both mobile and indoor screens can rise to the occasion and generate the kind of result you have dreamed of.

For all your branding, screening or advertisement purposes of product launches or special offers and discounts, you can depend on LED display screens to make your statement. You can get creative and use them at weddings and other family events to really impress your guests and have great entertainment at the same time. Your special event deserves mobile LED screens that will make it truly unique and memorable.

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