Big Screen Film Premieres

Nothing impresses an audience more than the presence of a big screen at film premieres and outdoor movie showings. Big screen outdoor movies are more of a rarity now a days. But today’s technological advances have made it easier to produce outdoor movie events.

Superb Benefits

Outdoor screens are not as complicated to set up or run as you might think. They have several advantages and benefits for event organisers. While normal daytime movie presentations often deliver poor quality, LED screens can step in because their revolutionary design makes them perfect for daylight events and viewing. Their high definition image transmission combined with excellent picture clarity and energy saving technology can make any ordinary movie presentation into a truly awe inspiring one.

They are perfect for presenting audio and video at festivals, events and gatherings. They work in all kinds of weather situations without any glitches. They are ideal for large gatherings and there are many elegant models you can choose from which are sure to enhance the aesthetic value of any red carpet event.

Moreover, they can be positioned in conventionally tight places which event organisers will find very useful. They are so flexible that you can fit them into any kind of space and position them any how you want. You are only restricted by your imagination in this matter.

With so many superb benefits, you too should seriously consider hiring an outdoor screen for your next premiere.


Not only do huge screens entertain people at events but they can become a centre of attraction. Installing screens are the surest way to keep audiences enthralled at all times. Besides entertainment value, digital signage can also be used for sponsorship promotion. Sponsor logos can be flashed across the screens which will guarantee publicity and promotion for the show sponsors. The advertisement of sponsor services and products can be effectively done through large format screens. Direct and clear advertisement is possible through the usage of large format screens.

Large format screens can be used to show the movies or provide interesting backdrop for various stage events or even give important information.

Large screens attract audiences’ attention quickly and are often used to entertain large crowds. The cost may seem prohibitive but actually it will work out as a reasonable cost when compared to the number of people who will view the screen. If you are planning a film premiere, don’t forget to rent a huge digital signage screen to get that wow effect.

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