Big screens for festivals

Festivals are an occasion of choice, for advertising and product launches. Gone are the days when the usual summer festival located on the outskirts of the town hosted a barrage of smoking barbeque kits and tents full of items usually found during a garage sale. These days everything is digital and well organised. Large screens dominate all events capturing emotions of the visitors and launching the product of the very important sponsor at the same time. LED screens have taken the world of advertising by storm due to the multiple benefits they offer. They are bright enough to be viewed from a distance even in broad daylight. This is especially handy since most festivals will need to cover both day and night times. The other advantage is that spectators can be spread over a larger area as opposed to the business corner of the festival, avoiding over crowding. Despite being away from the main attraction, a big LED screen give you first hand view of the event and this is especially safe for events where a large number of children are expected.

The Festive Feeling

From Digital signage telling you where to go, to big screens displaying the features and benefits of your new product, these days you even have interactive technology where customers can plug into mobile LED screens and tell you exactly what they think of your product. No more signing up for expensive surveys that may or may not be true. Now you can have these large iconic screens that can be wheeled in and out of your festival without you having to worry about the logistical nightmare they usually present. The true spirit of the festival can be captured and displayed on these screens to build more camaraderie and even add an element of amusement with seeing yourself on a big screen. Whatever the festival, the true essence of it always lies in the people that visit it. A LED screen captures this element and even encourages more involvement from the participants when they see themselves or others just like them enjoying similar things.


LED or light emitting diode is a small panel of red, green and blue lights that create a pixel of an image. Thousands of such panels can be combined to create one never ending screens with the highest quality of picture any screen can produce.

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