Branding for LED screens

Sponsorship plays a very big part in any major event today. LED screens are fast becoming the media of choice for advertising as
they are often the centre of attention at these events. These screens are the perfect common point where organisers profit from the promotional value of their event and advertisers obtain the best value for their sponsorship due to the higher visibility gained from using the screens. Branding is an important part of any marketing strategy. The media used for branding have evolved over the years from print to radio to television screens and now LED screen. A branding strategy in the past has had the disadvantage of not being mobile and thus not effective enough to cover a larger audience. The mobile LED screen allows you to target a specific audience at a specific time at a specific location. The ability to be outside a movie hall at the end of a show at one location and then be half way across town for the end of another show gives you a cost efficient option of marketing your product.


Screens made from LEDs are high definition displays that are bright enough to be used as an outdoor screen. A combination of red, blue and green light emitting diodes mounted on a panel can be combined to form a big screen of virtually any size based on your requirement. The clarity of these screens are unmatched by any another other technology today. Your brand will be visible from long distances under any lighting condition.

The LED screen for you

Today technology is replacing every possible aspect of life. Be it reviewing a critical decision in a game or in a board room presentation. This technology is not restricted by size allowing them to be placed at any location as per your requirement. From running corporate presentations at company receptions, to a mobile ad campaign, to playing the lyrics of your favourite song at a live concert, screens made from LEDs come in all shapes and sizes that can be easily mounted to provide visibility to your audience. Based on your requirement, you may purchase or even hire a screen for a fixed period. You can even have a total end to end solution provided which takes care of everything including creative solutions, project management, support & maintenance, content delivery & creation and finally the actual advertising.

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