Choosing the Best LED screen supplier

LED screens are suitable for different kinds of applications both indoor and outdoor. With their high resolution, they can be creatively used in all sizes and shapes. However, there are a lot of suppliers out there who do not have the required expertise and experience in this field. So, you need to research carefully and choose the best screen supplier.


There are some factors you need to keep in mind while choosing digital signage. You should know the kind of content you need, whether it is only letters and numbers or more sophisticated content with graphics, video, etc. It is always better to go in for a reputed supplier if you have sophisticated requirements.

You also need to be sure about the minimum viewing distance you require. Different models can be used for different viewing distances and you need to discuss with the supplier with regard to your requirement. Ask the supplier if he can provide a customised screen and explain the distance from which the text and content should be legible.

You might want screens capable of diverse applications. Different screens have different features, specific controllers, accessories and mechanical structures. Ask the supplier if he will provide all these. Digital signage should be light weight, easy to install and remove, accepting video inputs and using advanced hardware. A good LED screen supplier should be able to deliver on all these points.

An important factor to consider is where you want to place the screen. For indoor purposes, you do not need the brightness or protection of an outdoor display screen. You would need higher resolution of the screen because the viewing distance would be closer than in outdoor spaces. The supplier you choose should be able to guide you and suggest to you which display unit to use for your purpose.

Special Project

If you have a special or turnkey project, only an experienced and reputed supplier would be able to analyse correctly your specifications and provide a sound solution. If your LED screen is going to be a central element of any project, then a standard modular design will not do. There are a few suppliers who can provide special shaped and sized screens for your customised interests.

LED screens suppliers have wide range of products to suit clients’ budgets but there will be differences in specifications. You need to balance out your requirement with your budgetary constraints to get the best out of screen suppliers.

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