digiBOARD perimeter digital advertising for stadiums

digiBOARD is revolutionary new technology in stadium advertising. Enhanced LED technology provides a more vibrant colour definition and higher contrast levels. These boards offer a lot of flexibility for advertisers as they can be instantly updated with media to make a more dynamic approach towards advertising rather than the mundane static boards. LED or light emitting diode is soon replacing the older LCD or liquid crystal displays. They are much brighter than LCD’s and hence are perfectly suited for use as outdoor screens and Digital signage.

Benefits of digiBOARD

The moving advertising coverage is an attractive proposition for clients that wish to advertise not just for the thousands watching the event live, but the millions watching the event on television. The boards are no longer used for advertising purpose only. Some stadium installations use them to display exciting statistics that helps build the spectators spirits just before the game. Stadiums these days prefer these lively screens to pass on important instructions like improper behaviour consequences. Some even use them for social messages and endorsement of the clubs corporate social responsibilities. The clarity of these screens is so high that any image displayed on the screen can be viewed from the last row seat in the stadium. The brightness of the LED screen allows the same clarity even under broad daylight. Unlike static boards, these signs can be updated instantly via a personal computer using custom software that come combined with these screens.

Shift in Business Paradigm

Since these boards are made up of individual panels, they can be assembled seamlessly to create a never ending chain. This allows for a continuous running message to cover the entire stadium versus the traditional method where advertisers had to fight for prime spots and in a bid to acquire the same, more often than not end up buying a wider area. So now, stadium owners can sell time bound sections to multiple advertisers as opposed to fixing the deal with a few preset sponsors. Now even small business can afford to get some screen time along with the big multi million dollar conglomerates. The digiBOARD also provides for a more real time environment, which is the need of the hour with the spectators demanding more worth for their penny. Be sure to select a company that has the experience and the required expertise in installing such equipment at major sites.

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