Digital Signage Improves Customer Recall

Digital signage has been growing in popularity as the communication tool of choice for marketers. You will be able to recall seeing this signage all over the place – be it at hotel lobbies, airports, train stations, or large retail and grocery stalls. The very fact that you are aware of this proves its effectiveness as an attention grabbing device.

It provides a great deal of flexibility in usage. They are effective for promotions and advertising in-store. They enhance a business owner’s revenue earning capabilities through digital advertising. They provide the customer with a superior experience, be it in the form of product demonstrations, cooking instructions or in kiosks that display maps for various locations. Interactive screens provide another level of entertainment for the customer, and encourage them to linger on in the stores. LED screens can be used for training programmes, and mobile LED screens for brand building.

Customer recall is greatly enhanced due to the use of digital signs. This has been backed up by compelling research data from multiple sources. One such study reveals that in excess of 80% of consumers are attracted to watch digital signage programmes. When asked if they found this entertaining, 70% of the consumers replied in the affirmative. At least 41% were of the opinion that they would prefer to visit a location that had signage in digital formats. Unaided brand recall was possible for 47% of consumers who had viewed digital sign advertisements. When compared to TV advertising, more consumers tend to recall advertising they had seen in digital display format than those they had seen on TV on the same day. In -store displays persuade about 30% of customers to make purchases, and sales increased by 15 to 60% when digital technology and displays were placed at points of sale.

Research has also shown that awareness of this form of display is high: as many as 62% adults responded that they had seen this within the last 12 months. About 58% reported that this was more unique than other media, while 53% found it more interesting, and 48% found it to be more entertaining.

There is little doubt that in large-scale merchandising applications, displayed information has high recall and is retained by customers more effectively when digital signs are used. With the downward trend in prices of LED screens, LCD panels and playback equipment, even small-scale enterprises are able to afford this technology.