Does Digital Signage Improve the Shopping Experience?

In today’s world, retailers are hard pressed to provide an engaging shopping experience to customers – one that will be visual, informational and entertaining. They are under constant pressure to build customer relationships, cut down on costs while improving sales. Digital signage can step in to help retailers by providing effective communication and interaction solutions.


Customers expect an informative audio visual and consistently entertaining experience while shopping at stores. This calls for dynamic content on screens. When used innovatively, digital signage can increase brand value by enhancing the retail experience. It can be used to improve sales by advertising localised and targeted relevant offers. Display screens are a viable alternative to printing material and help reduce store’s dependence on these. They also inform customers about various products and their features.

Customer Service

An important part of shopping experience is the customer service. An LED screen can be used to help customers find their way inside stores. They also provide entertainment to those who are standing in queues. The audio-visual content can noticeably enhance the store ambience. LED screens can be used to give customised and personal information such as time of day and any other relevant information. Screens can be used to deliver content according to the customer demographics. With centralised control and customisation, it is easier to create relevant content and correlate that to sales. Dynamic digital signage can be used to change screen content to display the latest news or current events.

Marketing Strategy

Display screens are a great way for brands, vendors and manufacturers to market their products. They get an opportunity to reach customers when they are close to making a purchasing decision at the retail space. Screens are a powerful tool which brands can use to communicate with customers which would otherwise be difficult. The best part about LED screens is that they do not make the customers feel as if they are being imposed upon. In fact, customers in stores are quite receptive when it comes to the information being displayed on the screens. Those stores that have already deployed screen solutions have benefited from higher brand awareness among customers which in turn has led to increased sales.

Digital screens can indeed enhance the shopping experience for both customers and retailers if they are cleverly integrated into the merchandise and used to convey powerful, consistent and dynamic messages. If you are a store owner, the right time to invest in an LED screen is now.