Exhibition Big Screens

Given that commercial exhibitions are held so that organisations that belong to a particular industry, or share a specific interest can display their goods and services, and also examine recent trends in their industry and update themselves on their competitors activities, having an outdoor screen at such events is a very good idea.

The utility of exhibitions as a marketing tool is beyond doubt, and so having a big screen at exhibitions will serve to draw attention to your company’s offerings. These screens will act as a powerful and efficient means of doing business by arousing curiosity about your products and services. Exhibitions offer a great opportunity to meet your customers and vendors face to face, and for achieving your trade objectives. Large screens that can be viewed from all corners of the exhibition ground will serve to direct people interested in what your company or organisation has to offer, to your display spot.

Having a mobile LED screen at exhibitions is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience. As these screens move from place to place, they will continuously inform your prospective clients about the details of your offerings.

Having exhibition screens will give you the following key advantages:

1. Establish contact with the customer: they provide an excellent tool for developing new trade leads and for establishing new customer contacts; also for maintaining and renewing contacts with your existing customers.

2. Enhance your product and service launch platforms: by beaming your live demonstrations and presentation of your products and services to a larger audience, you enhance your chances of generating new sales and on the whole accelerate the selling process.

3. Provide an extra edge to your marketing communications: broadcasting your marketing messages on a large screen at exhibitions will serve to focus trade and media attention on you company, and its services and products. You can enhance your public relations efforts, and raise the profile of your brands and your company’s image.

4. Good return on investment: several studies have shown that having a publicity blitz like that provided by mobile LED screens, big screens and outdoor screensat focussed events like trade shows and exhibitions will pay back your investment several times over in terms of leads generated and sales closed.

For all of the above reasons, it is clear that having big screen displays at exhibitions and trade shows is an extremely good idea with great pay-back possibilities.