Experiential Big Screens

Like everything thing else, screens that are big is about an experience. Generally associated with advertising, these LED screens can be found rampant in various sports arenas ranging from cricket to football to racing. Higher number of spectators is the primary focus of all event organisers. While accommodating them is a separate challenge, providing each and every spectator an experience they will remember and accept as value for money is an even more daunting task. Depending on how much a customer spends for their tickets to any such event, they may or may not get a direct view of the action long enough to leave them satisfied. This is where experiential screens come in. Catering to even the last row spectators at a rock concert truly defines the success of the event and ensures people do not shy away from those last minute tickets even if they are at a considerable distance from the actual event.

The Technology

A big screen is usually made of LED or light emitting diode based technology. This technology is soon replacing the conventional LCD or liquid crystal displays. The technology behind these screens enables manufacturers to makes it exceptionally huge and perfectly lucid. They provide a significant edge over LCD’s as they are much brighter and hence are perfectly right for application as Digital signage and outdoor screens. One of the biggest LED screen with a size of 1070 sqm is presently placed at the Arlington, Texas Cowboy’s Stadium. These high definition screens are also mobile and hence can provide for any occasions such as a f1 race, a karaoke screen during a rock concert or a cricket match. An LED technology screen is the right choice for any advertising media especially the outdoor ones because of its lack of reflections as in case of plasma screens. When compared to limited viewing angle option in an LCD screen, these screens provide viewing from a 180 degree plane. They can be joined seamlessly to make a never ending chain, limited only by imagination and your budget.

Other Applications

Screens these days are used at even corporate events to organise a video game competition. Some companies even hire them to be put up at major socialising locations like shopping squares or mall arches to advertise the launch of their new products. Other applications include but are not restricted to signage that are digital.