Maintaining your LED screen throughout its lifetime

LED screens must be cleaned using a dry cloth which is lint free, clean and soft. Water, cleaning fluids and wax should never be used. You may use a screen cleaning solution purchased from stores that deal with digital screens to remove greasy marks and fingerprints from the LED screen.

Remember never to use scouring powder, soap, or any window cleaner for this purpose. Also, cleaners that have solvents such as paint thinner, benzene, alcohol or ammonia should be avoided. Wipe the screen only with a soft cloth; do not use paper towels or abrasive pads. If you use rough material for wiping the screen, you could cause permanent damage to the screen.

Remember to unplug the device from the power source before you begin cleaning it. The screen should be allowed to cool down if it is hot before beginning the cleaning process. Use a soft, lint free dry cloth to clean the screen. If you are using a screen cleaner, always take care to spray the fluid onto the wiping cloth. The liquid should never be sprayed directly onto the screen. Be gentle with the screen. Rough handling can damage the surface. Ensure that the screen is completely dry before restoring the power supply.

The normal lifetime of a digital screen made with LED is about 100,000 hours under certain specified conditions. Lifetime of these screens is reckoned to be over if the original brightness has reduced by up to 50%. The manufacturing process of the LED, the powering method, and the temperature at the LED die during operation determines lifetime.

For mobile LED screens and outdoor screens, LED thermal management is critical. While increasing the power flowing through an LED display will increase its brightness, it will decrease its lifetime due to generation of excess heat.

Display components of a these screens should be designed in such a manner that it can withstand wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Since components can get corroded easily, all of them must be coated for adequate protection.

You have spent quite a considerable sum of money to purchase your LED screen. Make sure that you follow the simple tips given above to keep it in a good condition for a long period of trouble-free service. Simple precautions followed in a timely manner will go a long way in keeping your investment in sound health.

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