Marketing and Branding

Publicity media has changed and evolved over the years. The basic objective is to be able to reach out to each and every customer. LED screens are now the media of choice as they mitigate a lot of inherent challenges with print and other forms of advertising media. Known to be the most non intrusive form of advertising, it is also the most effective display as compared to static boards or bill boards. A screens that are large gives you the ability to present your information or launch your product with so much clarity that all spectators are able to view each and every detail of the campaign.

Exhibition Needs

An exhibition is all about the glamour element. The ability to put out something new all the time keeps bringing viewers back to the exhibitions. The unpredictability and the surprise element of an exhibition are over whelming factors for any potential spectator. Screens made from LED are not just fashionable, they are also extremely useful. They give the organisers the capability to publish the artefacts on a menu that runs over on a pre determined schedule. It can also be programmed to be a live menu which tells you history, price and the availability of the product all instantly updated via a personal computer running custom software. It will even leave the sponsors of the events happy because of the coverage they get with their products being advertised continuously. These large screens and digital signage even serve the purpose of providing perfect lighting as per a schedule at places where additional lighting would have been required. Organisers and producers can have the security of not displaying the actual artefact, like an expensive painting at the event. Instead a simple high definition image of the object intended for display can be setup on the big screen. That way, the organisers do not have to worry about expensive insurance or security measures that would otherwise be required.

The LED screen for you

Screens made with LED are not restricted by size allowing them to be placed at any location as per your requirement. You may even hire an LED screen for a fixed period. You may even hire an end to end solution that takes care of solutions for your concept, over all project management, the required support & maintenance, essential content delivery & creation and finally the actual campaign. This will add a professional touch to the exhibition ensuring you leave the viewers with a good experience.

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