Need a Licence for Euro 2012 Public Screenings?

Not everybody who wants to be a part of the Euro 2012 events can make it to the venue. Public screening is a great way to help people in your neighbourhood enjoy the games with all the excitement of watching it with other fans. If you own a commercial establishment like a shopping centre, you can convert existing screens, like screens used for digital signage to air the games. Applications for the 2012 UEFA Euro public screening licence are now open, and are fairly easy to access and apply through the official website. The application manual clearly explains the procedure involved in applying for a screening licence.

The committee promises to evaluate every application and additional information may be requested from those keen on securing a screening licence. Do remember though, that the information provided on the form cannot be changed after the submission of the application. Before you go on to apply for a licence, do check to see if you need a screening licence at all. You are exempt from the licence requirement if the indoor or outdoor screen is 3 meter or smaller in size. Also, if the screening capacity is less than 150, there’s no need for a licence either. Understandably, those exempted from a licence are not allowed to charge an admission fee or get sponsorships.

For those who do not meet the exemption criteria, the screening process is relatively seamless and maybe cost-effective too. A single licence gives the holder the right to air all 31 matches. Commercial establishments like local pubs or those who own mobile LED screens will be thrilled about this. This is great news, especially if the local team progresses. There’s no need for a new licence and a great turnout is assured, as supporters would want to come and cheer their team.

The only way to apply for a a public screening licence is online. An application portal, created for this purpose, was opened on December 2, 2011. Applications will be accepted till 18 May. This is to ensure that all the licences are issued well in advance. The whole process is streamlined on the internet, and if your licence application has been approved, you will receive intimation via email. So make sure you fill in an active email address and you check regularly. The payment for an approved licence will have to be done online too, with a credit card.

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