Outdoor Drive-in Movies

Drive-in movies are more about the experience and less about the actual movie itself. Being able to watch a movie on a big screen from the comfort of your car is like no other. In the past however, one of the major hurdles for a successful experience was the amount of light available or the lack of it. Drive in movies, were only possible in the cover of the darkness of the night, as they were based on the projection technology that was not as bright as the LED screens. These projection screens were usually a large piece of cloth or even a wall painted white. The onset of screens made with LED changed all that, giving the kind of brightness that allows for movies to be viewed even in broad daylight.

LED versus Projection

An outdoor screen requires a high amount of technical expertise in installation and over all set up. The projection screens need to be protected against wear and tear and weather elements such as rain, dust and snow. Screens made from LED on the other hand can be practically wheeled in and out. They are made of sturdy material and provide protection against most natural elements and also against anti social elements who resort to stone throwing or paint splattering at a movie show gone wrong. These screens are also non reflective. This helps in countering further problems created by vandals with lights. LED screen provide practically 180 degree viewing angles. That in turn means more viewers can be accommodated, along the width of the drive in movie, to increase revenues which were otherwise limited. These screens can be programmed to display movies of your choice at the click of a button using a regular personal computer running custom software. So you can now offer your viewers unlimited choice of movies. You can also easily program advertisements within the movie to optimise revenues generated from event sponsors.

Other Benefits

LED based screens mean you no longer have to worry about maintaining the film reels and changing them at the right time to provide your customers with a great drive in movie experience. Even the weather is no longer an issue since the screens are weather proof. You need not own or maintain any permanent structures as these screens can be wheeled in and out as per your requirement. You do not even have to buy one as they can be leased or rented as and when you require them.

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