Shopping Center Signage

A store that appears too noisy or cluttered can turn away customers but installing LED screens are a great way to get your message across to customers in the least intrusive and effective manner.

Effective Usage

Retailers who don’t bother about shopping centre clutter will have distracted and confused customers on hand. Customers don’t want to be bombarded with cacophony and an endless deluge of kiosks, greeters or TV screens as soon as they enter a shopping centre. It will not take long for them to be disillusioned with the entire information overload. LED screens are an effective medium to engage with customers that will help them purchase what they need and get them back for repeat sales.

The effective use of LED digital screens in shopping centres has been of great help to retailers. Through them, retailers can communicate about various in store specials, manage store traffic and direct customers to different parts of the store, and even convey specific brand information.

As opposed to a mobile LED screen, indoor screens can be integrated into the shopping centre structure that will actually help customers to have a better retail shopping experience. Sophisticated systems with high quality audio output and high definition video images can be used to create a highly enriching and customised consumer experience. For LED digital screens to boost sales, it is important to integrate them into retail spaces keeping customers needs and requirements in mind.


All retailers have their own targets with regard to sales of specific products. An LED screen provides the best opportunity to materialise this when it is used to promote and remind customers about the products and its benefits. The screen is the most potent method of providing valuable information to customers when they are really looking for it and are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Consistent and powerful messaging on a screen made with LED which does not distract or overwhelm the customer is of paramount importance. At no time should the content appear repetitive, confusing or too loud. It is very important to maintain some minimum standards with regard to usage of these screens. Effective content is that which draws customer traffic and helps boost overall sales. Corporate branding through display signage can enhance a retailer’s reputation and help raise customer awareness.

The content of an LED screen in shopping centres should entertain, captivate, inform as well as motivate customers to make purchases. This explains the reasons for popularity of shopping centre signage.