Stadium LED Screens

Stadium screens are no longer an attraction, but an absolute necessity to accommodate the demands of a growing spectator market. There is nothing better than watching a game live on a bright and crystal clear big screen. The ability to experience a live sports or entertainment performance, and yet be able to enjoy every moment just as a TV viewer who watches from home adds to the excitement of being among thousands of screaming fans.

The Technology

LED or light emitting diode are much brighter than LCD’s and hence are perfectly suited for use as outdoor screen and digital signage. The largestLED screen is currently hung centrally at the Cowboy’s Stadium in Arlington, Texas, measuring a staggering 1070 sq meters. It is the LED technology behind these screens that makes it possible for them to be large and perfectly clear at the same time. These high definition screens are not just known for their clarity. Mobile LED screens are ideal for any occasion ranging from a football match to a rock concert. If your requirement is for an screen that is to be placed outdoors, then a screen made with LED is far better than a plasma screen due to its incredible brightness and 180 degrees viewing angle as opposed to the restricted viewing angles in an LCD screen. The other advantage is that since they are made up of individual panels, they can be assembled seamlessly to create a limitless size, unlike LCD screens.

The best screen for you

Today technology is simplifying every possible aspect of life, be it reviewing a critical decision in a game or reviewing a decision in a board room presentation.LED screens are not restricted by size, allowing them to be placed at any location as per your requirement. From running corporate presentations at company receptions, to a mobile ad campaign, to playing the lyrics of your favourite song at a live concert, mobile screens come in all shapes and sizes that can be easily mounted to provide visibility to your audience. Based on your requirement, you may purchase or even hire a mobile LED screen for a fixed period. You may even have a total end to end solution provided which takes care of everything including creative solutions, project management, support & maintenance, content delivery & creation and finally the actual advertising.stadium-screens