The Beacons at Highcross Leicester

Unique art installation in Leicester city centre

A month of live events and unique projects for ADI

Famous locations across Europe featured our iCONIC screens during a variety of live events throughout May. The past month has also seen ADI unveil a unique public art piece in Leicester city centre.

14 June 2016

Gemma Edmondson

Marketing Officer

A public launch event was held at Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester to unveil The Beacons public art piece.

Illuminating content on The Beacons

The sculpture is made up of seven individual LED totems with bespoke design, manufacturing and installation by ADI. Each totem is seven metres high and uses different modes of moving images to instantly change the mood and ambience in St. Peter’s Square.

Queen’s 90th birthday – Windsor Castle staged a special live show to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday. Three ADI screens were in position for those watching in the castle grounds including two iCONIC 25 screens and an iCONIC 60s solution including a temporary stage.

Three iCONIC screens at Windsor

Leicester City victory parade – Nearly half a million people came out to celebrate Leicester City’s historic Premier League title and ADI were on hand to ensure it was a memorable occasion. Two iCONIC 100 screens and an iCONIC 25 were in position at the main stage in Victoria Park as ADI supplied a full outside broadcast solution with cameras spanning the city.


Gumball 3000 – For the second time in three years ADI provided a full broadcast and screen solution to the Gumball 3000 grand departure event in London. An iCONIC 100, iFLY 25 and two iCONIC 15 screens were positioned across the main route on Regent Street.

An iCONIC 100 on Regent Street

Windsor Park – In Northern Ireland’s final friendly game before the football team compete in this summer’s Euro 2016 Championships, ADI supplied an iCONIC 60 at Windsor Park stadium showing live coverage of the game and pre-recorded videos ensuring the team received a perfect send off.

iCONIC 60 at Windsor Park

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