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ADI Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD Tour

ADI and Supponor Showcase Virtual Replacement LED Perimeter Technology on European Tour

28 March 2017

Dan Gray

Marketing Officer

This month, we have embarked on a major European tour, showcasing a new virtual replacement perimeter LED technology, developed in partnership with augmented reality experts Supponor. The platform allows content seen on perimeter LED displays in sport to be replaced for different viewing audiences, creating huge value for brands and clubs. The roadshow is currently in Germany before heading to the UK and back out to Europe.

The tour started in March, with a visit to German Bundesliga club, VfL Wolfsburg where a section of our new Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD was installed for the team’s match against Darmstadt 98. The purpose was to showcase the complete end to end workflow, from acquisition of the live match feed to the generation of multiple customised feeds featuring different perimeter brand messaging in each.

Throughout March and April, we’ll be on the road with Supponor, taking our breakthrough technology to clubs throughout the Bundesliga, showcasing the platform in our specially designed demonstration unit. Each event will allow clubs to see virtual replacement of LED perimeter advertising for themselves, offering the ability to understand the principle and explore the commercial potential.

ADI’s Mobile Demonstration Control Centre

ADI’s Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD in action – content can be tailored for different viewing audiences

Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD is the product of two years of development, combining our industry leading perimeter LED system with Supponor’s industry’s leading augmented reality technology. ADI’s systems are used in the majority of English football’s Premier League and EFL, whilst Supponor’s solution is used in Spain’s La Liga at every Real Madrid and Barcelona away match. For the first time clubs can achieve the best of both technologies by keeping dynamic LED content in the stadium, whilst having the ability to deliver regionalised messaging for different audiences around the world.

Guests play football on our digiBOARD demo unit, simulating player movement in in front of the boards

ADI’s CEO, Geraint Williams, commented “The roadshow is unlike anything anybody has ever attempted before. We’re planning to create a real experience for clubs and demonstrate the full value of the technology which is about more than just the hardware. The solution we’ve developed with Supponor is a complete end to end offering, which combines the best of everything we do, from LED manufacturing, connected stadium networks, content management, and broadcast engineering. The response from clubs and federations who have already seen the technology in action has been overwhelming and we’re incredibly excited about the potential of the platform to transform revenue opportunities for clubs.”

Supponor’s CEO, Jay Gambrell added “Building on our fruitful collaboration with ADI over the past two years developing hybrid LED / virtual technology solutions, Supponor is very excited by the opportunity to go ‘on the road’ and take the technology to clubs across Germany to showcase and engage with key stakeholders on the opportunities available right now to deploy the next generation of augmented reality technology in top tier sport.”

The tour will continue in Germany before heading to the UK to showcase the technology at Premier League and EFL clubs.

Clubs in Europe and the UK who haven’t yet confirmed a date for the roadshow to visit their stadium should contact Claire Fitzgerald-Firth ADI via

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Dan Gray

Marketing Officer

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