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Best known for the work in stadium digital display and match day production, ADI brings its expertise to the small screen with the successful launch of ADI Films.

9 March 2018

Dan Gray

Marketing Officer

Originally Published in FC Business, March 2018, Issue 107

With video content growing increasingly popular amongst fans through advances in hand held devices, connectivity and social media consumption, football clubs are seeing the value of producing video content to support marketing strategies.

We only have to look at the recent flurry of player signings that have been announced using video to see evidence of that.

The challenge, though, is for clubs to find creative and engaging ways of using video as part of their core campaign activity, such as season ticket promotion, kit launches, hospitality sales etc.

Filming with a magnificent owl for a Sheffield Wednesday promo

However, often the cost of making high quality video content has been a barrier for many clubs, until now. That’s where ADI Films seems to fill a gap in the market, offering clubs an end to end service that delivers feature film quality production but strips away the expensive additional costs often associated with many agency-led productions.

ADI Films’ strong in-house creative team is the driving force behind their ability to produce high quality productions at lower costs. They handle everything; from concept development, scripting, producing, filming, and editing – all delivered by their 50 strong team of producers, directors, editors and camera operators.

Tom Savage, Executive Producer at ADI Films explains the process: “We have some wonderful creatives here at ADI and what I think we do is tell a story really well.”

“Clubs can come to us with their concept and we can help to visualise it in a powerful way. Storytelling is something I’ve always been passionate about and we’ve got the talent here to be really creative and we always strive to push ourselves to exceed expectations.”

ADI has over 20 years’ experience working with the world’s biggest football clubs, creating immersive match day experiences that entertain and ignite the passion in hundreds of thousands of fans every week. Their film production business utilises its expertise in video production to create more focused bespoke campaigns, which is proving to be an effective medium for engaging audiences via social and digital media.

The ADI Films team shooting a kit launch video

According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days whilst, a study to ComScore suggests, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

“I think clubs really understand just how important video content is becoming as part of their marketing and media strategy,” adds Tom. “I don’t think you can have a campaign now without strong video. People consume media on their phone or tablets and, unless you’ve got a strong piece of content that tells a story, you’re going to miss a key demographic.”

A high quality feature film production has the potential to create impact, but it’s often an expensive exercise, making it a huge risk to any return on the investment. However, as Tom explains, by stripping away the overheads and wasteful production costs that add little to the quality of the content, ADI are making video an affordable option.

“We don’t see football clubs as the cash cows that some agencies possibly have done in the past. We work with clubs across every league on a daily basis and understand that, for most, they really need to stretch their marketing budgets to maximise value. Whether clubs are big or small in resource, every pound they spend on their campaign must be accountable.”

This approach to delivering value without compromising on quality is paying off. In the 18 months or so since ADI Films has evolved as a production unit, the team has delivered projects for a diverse range of clubs – with the likes of Championship sides; Hull City, Leeds United, Middlesbrough, and Sheffield Wednesday all securing their services, to teams in the Premier League. Recently ADI have delivered films to support Everton FC’s much celebrated ‘Home’ season ticket campaign, a production celebrating Newcastle United’s 125th anniversary, and a complete end to end solution for Liverpool FC’s Global Membership Campaign.

Scott Mcleod, Head of Engagement for Everton FC, who recruited ADI Films to deliver the video for their last membership campaign, offered an interesting perspective.

“Membership recruitment and retention is core to our strategy, and the use of video within that campaign really helps us to engage with fans. ADI brought some fresh thinking, not only in the creative approach that helped bring our campaign theme to life, but also in the way they helped us reach our audience, by delivering multiple versions of the creative for different platforms.”

As Scott explains, social media plays a huge part in the club’s strategy, and video is key to driving engagement. “The end result was a really professional film that delivered huge reach across social media to help us meet our commercial objectives. We know we can always rely on ADI to deliver a quality production and fans were really receptive to the film”

Clearly enthused by the creative process, Executive Producer, Tom Savage, added “Working on film productions for the likes of Liverpool, Everton, Spurs and other Premier League clubs is a huge privilege, and immensely enjoyable, but we’re equally keen to help more clubs in the EFL and other leagues to tell their stories. Our approach is all about delivering value, and we firmly believe that budget shouldn’t be a barrier to creativity. With the right people, ideas, and expertise, we can help clubs at any level create content that really speaks to fans.”

To find out more about how ADI Films can help you, contact us on: 01772 708 342, email: or visit to see some of our work.


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Dan Gray

Marketing Officer

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