Bundesliga Approves Virtual LED Advertising.
Club Revenues Predicted to Increase by €60M.

ADI / Supponor Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD set to shake up global advertising in world's second biggest football league.

16 March 2018

Oliver Brindley

Marketing Manager

Virtual Advertising in sport has taken a major step forward as The Bundesliga rubber-stamped ADI and Supponor’s Hybrid LED digiBOARD for use from next season.

The technology will allow clubs to generate significantly higher income streams from their perimeter advertising by tailoring the advertising to the specific broadcast audience, allowing them to sell the same space to more brands in a far more targeted manner.

Leading sports analysts Nielsen Sports Research predict the technology will bring a 7% uplift in club revenues throughout the Bundesliga – that’s some 60M EUROS next season alone.

Virtual Hybrid LED in action at Borussia Dortmund

World First

The approval follows a period of extensive testing in Germany for three major matches and represents a global first for this type of augmented technology to be approved by a major sports league.

Whilst the Bundesliga are the world’s first league to approve this type of technology, systems have already been installed at a number of UK clubs, starting with Watford FC last year and followed by Leeds Utd last October, ready to take advantage of the opportunities as they arise. ADI have also installed a number of other systems in the last 18 months that are “Hybrid Ready”, meaning they can be upgraded to capitalise on the technology.

this is the tipping point for the technology to enter the mainstream.

ADI CEO Geraint Williams commented: “Virtual advertising will revolutionise the way perimeter advertising is sold – it’s probably a bigger shift than the introduction of digital perimeter 15 years back. There’s a number of ways this can work and interestingly Leeds United’s model in The Championship is completely different to Watford’s in the Premier League.

“Getting the backing of the second biggest football League in the world is huge and really shows the confidence in Virtual Hybrid and ADI and Supponor. It’s been a long road to get to here, but this is the tipping point for the technology to enter the mainstream.”

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Virtual Hybrid in action at Watford FC:


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Oliver Brindley

Marketing Manager

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