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ADI win second Install Award

For the second year running ADI secure the Install Award's DOOH/Retail Project of the Year

4 July 2018

Gemma Edmondson

Marketing Officer

Our ambitious triple Epoch screen solution at intu Lakeside stood-out against tough global competition thanks to its revolutionary design concept and an innovative approach to a complex installation.  

Revolutionary Screen Install
Installed in May 2017, the screens were commissioned by intu as part of their wider strategy of testing new technologies to drive brand engagement, footfall and dwell time in their centres.

The first of their kind in the UK retail market, the revolving LED screens inside intu Lakeside’s central atrium have provided a fresh and unique digital platform for intu’s social and editorial content, while also launching a compelling new channel for advertisers. Microsoft, Nokia, Virgin Holidays and Universal Pictures are amongst the big name brands who have utilised the screens as part of high impact, creative launch campaigns – with media managed by Limited Space

Client Comment

Roger Binks, Customer Experience Director, intu

We were thrilled to launch world-first LED technology at intu Lakeside in partnership with ADI. Their team worked with the venue’s existing architecture to produce a completely tailored solution, while meeting the challenges that working in a high profile shopping and leisure destination bring. The finished installation is visually spectacular and the screens form an integral part of the compelling customer experience we aim to deliver at intu Lakeside.


Designed to replicate the “mobile experience” on a larger scale, the Epoch range features high resolution LED displays that seamlessly switch between landscape and portrait formats to suit the content shown.

Intu Lakeside features a large-scale triple Epoch solution in the central atrium area. An Epoch 330 is positioned on the central lift-shaft to create one of the largest indoor LED screens in a UK shopping centre, while dual-sided Epoch 230s are installed from the glass-domed roof of the food court.

Innovative Installation
The project at intu Lakeside was perhaps the most complex installation ADI have completed; especially given the desired location of the dual-sided Epoch 230s and the requirement for theto revolve and rotate in complete synchronicity.

ADI had to employ extensive structural engineering and produce a large piece of supporting steelwork, allowing the screens to achieve synchronised revolution while also achieving seamless integration with the existing architecture. ADI commissioned a specially engineered mast that extends and retracts in length as the screens revolve from portrait into landscape. This ensures that even as the screens turn, sight lines can be maintained across the food court, with all vendor store-fronts remaining visible at all times – a key client requirement.

There were a number of considerations for the installation process, including working at height (30 metres above ground level), the ability to operate in a compact space with restricted access routes and the strict weight-loading inside the centre – with all work taking place during night-time centre closures.

With ambient lighting levels within the central atrium, ADI specified their 6mm high bright SMD product, along with the manufacture of specialist louvers to maximise the visibility of on-screen content when the Epochs were in landscape, portrait or mid-revolve.

Additional intu Epoch Screens and Award Wins
Following the success of the intu Lakeside project, ADI have installed Epoch screens at intu Metrocentre, intu Merry Hill and intu Braehead in both indoor and outdoor locations.

This revolutionary network of screens has already won two industry awards; the Daily DOOH Gala Award for ‘Most Innovative Use of Technology’, and Revo Opal Awards for ‘Mall Transformation – Multiple Locations’ and ‘Media Campaigns – Over 1 Millions sq.ft’.

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Article author

Gemma Edmondson

Marketing Officer

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