Creating a New Digital Model for a New Town Centre Strategy

Revitalising Town Centres and the High Street

8 August 2018

Lauren Bamber

Marketing Officer

It’s no secret that there is a current drive to revitalise town centres and the high street.  Across the UK as traditional retail struggles, many towns are shifting the focus away from predominantly retail locations to leisure and public realm, creating spaces that encourage local communities to gather and share experiences.

LED screens are a natural fit for the wider long-term strategy of revitalisation and investment in local community.  More and more councils and BIDs are realising the opportunities that large screens and digital signage can bring to energise their town centres and add value to local businesses and communities.

Adding Value for Local People & Businesses

The majority of giant screens we see popping up in city centres act purely as giant billboards for major brands – this is a model that adds little value to local communities, in either content or profits which go into the pockets of international ad agencies.

Forward-thinking towns are seeking to distance themselves from this; instead they are focusing on creating a central communication platform that serves local people and promotes local businesses.  By balancing creative and commercial, screens can generate income whilst still providing a valuable asset for community engagement.

Instead of promoting national brands with little relevance, these screens are encouraging spend in local businesses, helping to stimulate local economy and keep wealth within the community and importantly this is a model that has sustainability at its very core.

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Lauren Bamber

Marketing Officer

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