Why The Time is Right for LED

We uncover some of the reasons behind the rise in popularity of LED screen ownership

30 August 2018

Lauren Bamber

Marketing Officer

In a recent post we looked at the market conditions that are leading to a new popularity in town centre big screens – in this post we’ll take a look at the technology itself to highlight some of the changes that have led to making big screen ownership easier than ever.


First and foremost, LED screens are cheaper than they have ever been.  As the number of manufacturers has increased, so the price has come down – there are now screens at a huge number of price points.



Just as price has come down, choice has increased.  Screens are now available in a far greater range of resolutions to suit different usage cases.




As the technology has matured screens have become ever more reliable meaning fewer ongoing repairs and lower cost of ownership.




Technological advances have led to smaller LEDs which are brighter and less power-hungry, again leading to lower cost of ownership.



Easier to Manage

Cloud-based content management systems make it far easier to control what’s going on your screen from anywhere with an internet connection.  ADI’s bespoke content management system has been specifically designed to be both powerful yet simple to use.


More Content

There’s never been so much content available to put on your screen!  The internet is awash with free graphics, videos and social feeds that can make up much of your content stream.


Easier to Make Content

Likewise, it’s never been easier to create content.  You no longer need to be a professional editor with expensive equipment to create your own videos and graphical content.  There’s even loads of low cost and free online software that you can tap into to make your own content – we’ll be reviewing these in a blog post soon.


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Lauren Bamber

Marketing Officer

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