Five Reasons to Invest in a Giant LED Screen

LED screens. You've seen them pop up in towns and cities across the UK, you've seen them in action at your local shopping centre, as part of live events, within stadiums and possibly even universities.

21 November 2018

Lauren Bamber

Marketing Officer

You’re starting to consider whether an LED screen would be right for your town centre.

There’s no denying it, LED screens are a substantial investment for any organisation. And as with any large scale purchase, the benefits have to be pretty good to justify that level of spending.

Back in August we discussed the reasons why LED screens are rising in popularity, below we discuss why so many businesses are choosing to invest in LED and the benefits derived from this investment.


Unlike traditional print media and billboards, LED screens are extremely flexible. The information displayed on them can be changed in seconds to help keep audiences up to date with last minute promotions, changes in event schedules, fluctuating stock levels and urgent messages. They can be integrated with social media channels, showcase user generated content and broadcast live events. In terms of flexibility, there are few outdoor media that even come close.




LED screens are the most versatile communication tool available. One minute they can be advertising a local business and the next broadcasting a live sporting event. The ability to change content quickly and simply means their uses are endless.


Audience Engagement

Large format LED screens are extremely eye catching, they offer organisations the ability to engage with audiences through compelling content and as a result, help to increase footfall and dwell time within an area.

Messages can be extremely targeted whether based on audience type, specific to an event or even tailored to specific times throughout the day. However, owners should be cautious. Screens used purely as advertising platforms often result in audiences switching off therefore, we would recommend a mixture of both commercial and engaging content or even an amalgamation of the two.


Simple to Manage

Due to advances in technology, LED screens have never been easier to manage. With cloud based content management systems now available, updating content can be done quickly and even better, remotely. As long as you have access to the internet, you can amend or upload content onto your screen from anywhere in the world.


Return on Investment

Your LED screen has the ability to make a pretty substantial return on investment. Through content and event sponsorship, event activation, content channel sponsorship and advertising sales, there’s a whole range of tried and tested ways in which your screen can generate revenue.



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Lauren Bamber

Marketing Officer

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