Revo Review – A Content Driven Vision at Revo Manchester 2018

We showcased our vision of the shopping experience of the very near future at this year’s Revo Show in Manchester

9 November 2018

Oliver Brindley

Marketing Manager

With high level representation from everyone involved in the shopping centre world, this year’s Revo Show was the ideal platform for us to demonstrate how we think giant digital displays and amazing content can transform the shopping and leisure experience.


Check out our review video to see what we did!


We supplied nearly 400m² of creative LED displays in all different shapes and sizes – including:

  • A gigantic 150m² 4K portrait screen that framed the entrance to the “Cinema” at the rear of the show
  • Two high resolution floor level screens flanking the entrance to the show in the reception area
  • A further 120m² superwide 32:9 screen within the hall

But more importantly, we paired these epic canvases with incredible, breathtaking content, created by our incredibly talented in-house production department, along with specially-commissioned pieces from our good friends at Wash Creative.

Showcasing Abilities, not just Ideas

Our aims for Revo Manchester 2018 weren’t just to change the industry’s perception of how LED technology can be used; we also wanted to showcase the huge creative services ADI can offer beyond our capabilities as a screen hardware supplier.  Our production department already provide hundreds of hours of creative programming to the worlds of live events and sport; Revo gave us the chance to demonstrate our ideas for retail.

Content was designed not just to inform, endorse and promote, but to engage and interact – and most of all, the over-riding objective was to inspire and amaze.

Giant, larger-than-life figures looked down on delegates below, cinematic timelapses of famous Manchester scenes grounded the show in the city, a 15m high game of Tetris played out above delegates’ heads, whilst visitors to the ADI stand got the chance to appear in their favourite movie poster via our green screen with #MovieMugs – and let’s not forget the massive multi-player gaming in collaboration with our friends at Piing.

Cinema Screen at Revo Manchester 2018

Breaking Away from Dull DOOH

So many big screens in shopping centres just show traditional Digital Out Of Home advertising.  We think it’s time to turn the current situation on its head: move away from gauging the value of screens only on the basis of advertising revenue and start creating dynamic platforms that consumers really want to engage with.  Create giant statement canvases with incredible content that people remember, share, talk about and return to in the future; make it an actual part of the shopping centre experience.

And it doesn’t need to be at the expense of commercial revenue – by including advertising campaigns carefully and creatively, it can become an organic and integrated part of the programming, rather than simply yet another advert that customers don’t pay attention to.

Investing in the Future

Much of the talk at Revo Manchester 2018 centered on industry change.  As online continues to eat into bricks and mortar and key retailers make the headlines, these are uncertain times for the market. How will the physical experience of the future compliment and support the online channels, and how do venues evolve to remain relevant in this ever-changing, digital world.

Shopping centres are shifting focus beyond retail anchor tenants and focusing on creating a richer, engaging leisure experience.  We believe that LED technology has a role to play at the centre of this, indeed as a part of the very fabric of retail destinations, literally.  LED is versatile enough to be integrated across any kind of indoor or outdoor environment, with the ability to transform, refresh and inspire.

By its very nature, LED technology is a strong investment for an uncertain future.  With the ability to constantly change content – whether that’s throughout the day to target different consumer audiences or in years to come to generate commercial revenue as required – LED is the ultimate future-proof solution.


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Oliver Brindley

Marketing Manager

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