Adobe Spark – In-Depth Review

We recently named Adobe Spark as our recommended tool for simple graphic creation - in this review we explore more in-depth the reasons for this choice.

7 December 2018

Oliver Brindley

Marketing Manager

We recently collated 4 simple tools for helping you create great content all with their strengths and weaknesses but the tool we loved the most was Adobe Spark. As we said in our original round-up of the tools,

Last but certainly not least is Adobe Spark, our personal favourite online content creator – mainly because it’s so simple! From the creators of Photoshop you’d expect nothing less and they’ve really done a great job.

With this in mind we thought we would take a deeper look at Adobe Spark to show you the power of the tools you have at your disposal when using the software – and why we recommend it so highly!

In our original post of “4 Simple Tools” we only focused on it as a tool for creating graphic content but you can actually do three really powerful things with Adobe Spark, these are:

  • Image creation
  • Video creation
  • Web page creation
Adobe Spark's 3 options

Which will you choose?

Image Creation

From the creators of Photoshop you’d expect to be able to create great images. With Spark, while the image creation facilities aren’t the most robust, they’re simple and that’s why we love it. You don’t need to dig into complicated menus to find a feature you need, they’ve limited what you can do to focus on ease of use and they’ve really achieved this.

Spark Interface

A selection of Spark’s menus.

As you can see above, each menu is laid out in an easy to read format. The sliders ensure ease of use (no need to type in numbers etc) you can just tweak away until you’ve got the perfect graphic for your screen. There’s a whole host of options to choose from, from filters for your background image to effects on your text, and everything in between.

You can even “Brandify” your images. This feature collates your logo, brand colours, and fonts so they are all easily accessible when creating a graphic, allowing you to apply your brand in one click. This is a great tool to use if you’re creating a range of images which you want to be consistent.

Adobe Spark Brandify Explanation

Easy branding for consistent images.

Once done, your graphics are simple to download and then upload to your screens CMS system.

Video Creation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

– Dr. James McQuivey

Whilst the above quote might be very cheesy it has a point. Whilst displaying a static image on your screen will certainly get your point across, if you want even more people to notice your content then video is the way to go! Luckily, with the aid of Adobe Spark you don’t need to be a tech wizard to create a compelling video – you can do it all in your browser.

Once you’ve selected the option to create a video you need to give it a title and then choose one of the great templates that Adobe Spark provides. For example if you are running an event you can choose the “invitation” template. Once selected, you’re presented with some pre-formatted slides which are titled to give you an idea of what to place on the individual slides.


There are a range of options to help you customise your video (see below). These features come in handy when your video needs to be ‘on brand’, for example, tweaking transition colours.

Using all these features and some templates from our recent Christmas themed Freebie Friday pack I created the following video in under 10 minutes.

A simple but eye catching video which is easily uploaded to your CMS.

Spark allows you to upload images and upload video clips as well as record a voice-over directly in your browser, to help create your video. It’s a very powerful tool and will help you maximise the potential of your screen.

Web Page Creation

An added bonus for Adobe Spark is that you can create fantastic web pages, incredibly easily. These are ideal as landing pages for your screen content. Use your screens to direct people to the landing page where they can find out more about your event or even book tickets.

As you may have guessed, based on the image and video creation tools, the tools available for your web page are simple but effective. A range of templates help create the perfect look helping make sure visitors are engaged.

After the heading you can add a variety of content blocks below this to help tell your story:

  • Photo
  • Text
  • Button
  • Video
  • Photo Grid
  • Glide Show
  • Split Layout

Using a combination of the above you can create some fantastic web pages and if you’re looking for some inspiration then the Adobe Spark Gallery is full of ideas of other users creations.

So what does it cost?

You can create awesome graphics with Spark for free which is great but it does include an Adobe Spark logo on the images. However, for just £10 a month you can remove this logo and also get the following features:

  • Replace the Adobe Spark logo with your own
  • Add your brand to Spark graphics, web pages, and video stories
  • Select colours and fonts that reflect your brand
  • Leverage personalised branded templates
  • Manage your brand in one place
  • Update branding across templates in one click
  • Live phone and chat support

When you consider these perks then a tenner isn’t actually a huge amount of money, especially when a great piece of content could see a return on your investment. If you’re interested in Adobe Spark then keep your eyes peeled for a deep dive into Spark in an upcoming post.


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