LED Screens: Transforming the Airport Experience

From Newcastle to New Zealand, Edinburgh to Ecuador, LED displays are popping up throughout airports across the globe

13 February 2019

Gemma Edmondson

Marketing Officer

Advertising within airports is nothing new. Static posters have been commonplace within transport hubs since they first began appearing however, over the last 10 years there has been a shift from predominantly static platforms to the introduction (and now wide spread installation) of digital displays.

Initially, the technology of choice was LCD however with sizing, visibility of content and screen glare in bright areas all presenting an issue, a move began toward LED installations. Unlike LCD, LED can be built to fit any size and shape and viewing ability is not affected by daylight or brighter areas. LED screens allow for creative boundaries to be pushed in terms of both the physical build and the content being produced.

More recently there has been a change in the way LED screens are being used. Historically whether static or digital, these communication tools were primarily used to help generate revenue through advertising. Now however, with companies shifting their focus towards the all-important customer experience, these LED screens are playing a central role in entertaining, engaging and educating audiences.

Below we run through the ways in which these powerful communication platforms are currently being used and show some of our favourite installations from around the world.

Experience is Key

The customer is king (regardless of the market or sector) and as a result, their experience is key.

Queuing to check in, lining up to pass through security, eagerly waiting for gates to open and sometimes even delays are all regarded as part of the ‘airport experience’ however, nobody willingly goes through any of this and the more these areas can be improved and streamlined the greater the customers experience.

LED screens can help improve customer experience enormously. Screens with interesting and engaging content can entertain, help reduce perceived waiting times, speed up processes and can also help reduce confusion by directing, informing and updating travellers.

Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX


As exciting as the experience of travelling can be, no one actually looks forward to queuing or waiting around to board their flight. Screens placed in high traffic, long dwell time areas (check-in, security, lounges) that play entertaining content such as news, weather forecasts, sports, digital artwork, quizzes and information regarding destinations, can all help reduce perceived waiting times and stop travellers becoming board or agitated.

ADI Edinburgh Airport Installation


There are plenty of ways to engage audiences, from user generated content such as on screen selfies or the chance to get their message seen on screen, through to brand activation from both airport retailers and larger international brands. Engagement is key to customer experience, feeling immersed within and part of the experience again helps reduce the time customers believe they are waiting.

Changi Airport Group


In 2017, 2,295,930 flights set off from the 20 largest UK airports* and aboard those flights sat 262,434,090 people. That’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of people who brands could be targeting.

Whether through traditional advertising or brand activation, airport retailers and big brands alike are able to capitalise on the high levels of footfall making its way through airports every day. With a captive audience boasting high dwell times, heightened emotion and the ideal mind-set to make impulse purchases (both duty free and in-flight), airport travellers are an ideal target market for any advertiser.

With the ability for brands to engage with travellers as soon as they arrive, as they make their way through the airport and then as they sit and wait for their gate to open, airport advertising can prove extremely valuable.

Darwin Airport

Important Messages

Keeping passengers up to date with key information is vital in ensuring their experience is made as stress free as possible. Flight time reminders, gate and boarding details as well as updates regarding delays are all vital in reducing confusion and making check-in, security checks and boarding a calm and efficient process.

Airport security is extremely high on the agenda of both operators and travellers alike. Whether reminding customers of security procedures or to display vital information in the case of an emergency, large format LED screens provide the perfect platform to help direct and explain what action needs to be taken in a clear way, helping reduce panic and confusion in these high pressure situations.

Schipnol Airport

ADI’s Airport Installation Projects

No stranger to airport installations, ADI have completed a number of projects including a 12m² outdoor screen at Edinburgh Airports East Plaza and a 30m² screen located along the main entrance leading into Newcastle Airport.

Newcastle Airport 30m² outdoor screen

Both screens are used to welcome travellers as well as advertise retailers, flight operators and potential destinations. In addition, the Edinburgh screen also has time allocated to the broadcasting of national and sporting events for the public to enjoy. Further details of the Newcastle installation will be revealed shortly so keep your eyes peeled.

Edinburgh Airport 12m² outdoor screen


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*Based on total passenger traffic.

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Gemma Edmondson

Marketing Officer

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