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How can venues inspire, innovate and remain relevant in a challenging market

11 April 2019

Gemma Edmondson

Marketing Officer

What does the future of retail look like? Google it and you’ll find over 300,000,000 answers to that question. No denying, it’s a hot topic.

For those who don’t have the appetite to read 90 billion words on the subject, we’ve compiled a short report that cuts through the clutter and shares some first-hand insight into how retail venues are transforming themselves to meet changing consumer demands.

Most agree that if traditional venues are going to survive, they need to evolve – and pretty quickly – to become destinations that offers more than the opportunity to just ‘buy stuff’.

In this article we share our perspectives on some key themes:

  • What’s driving the need for change?

  • How are traditional retail venues adapting to offer a genuine ‘destination experience’?

  • How are major players like intu delivering on experience, and how are new developments like Axiom Brand Playground planning for the future?

  • What role can creative LED screens and incredible content play in future-proofing customer experience?

  • Is now the right time to invest?

Why listen to us?

You might wonder what makes us think we have all the answers? In truth, we don’t, but we do have a unique perspective, having worked as visual technology supplier to over 30 retailers and shopping centres.

And because we also have decades of experience working across a broad range of different industries – from live sport, entertainment, and events, we can share ideas from those sectors and offer some fresh thinking.

Retail is changing. Never before have we seen such a radical transformation in a single industry. There’s no denying it’s challenging, but it’s also very exciting. Those retail venues who take control now are those who will survive in the future.


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Gemma Edmondson

Marketing Officer

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