Goodwood Turns Heads with Rotating LED Screen

Goodwood Transforms Raceday Experience with New LED Screen

30 May 2019

Dan Gray

Marketing Officer

  • Goodwood Racecourse installs new HD big screen LED technology.
  • The screen has the unique ability to move vertically up and down, and rotate 360º to face any direction on the course.
  • Designed, engineered and installed by ADI, UK sport’s leading LED display technology provider.
  • The new screen will be in action every major racing event, including the Qatar Goodwood Festival.

Goodwood Racecourse, the home of some of horse racing’s most iconic events, has installed a new high resolution rotating LED screen, designed to enhance the visitor experience.

Of course, big screens in horse racing are nothing new – we provide dozens of our huge mobile screen trucks for Goodwood, along with courses across the UK/Europe, every year. But this is Goodwood’s first permanent display – designed and installed by our expert team.

The giant 60mdisplay is one of the biggest screens installed in European horseracing. Its custom design, engineered specifically for Goodwood, allows it to be positioned at different heights on a telescopic mast, and rotate to face any direction on the course.

The design offers a much more flexible solution than a traditional screen, giving Goodwood the ability to position it to face different areas of the course to suit its wide-ranging calendar of events. That means it can serve more of the course’s regular events, as well as offering a platform to host new ones such as family movie evenings, or screenings of major sporting events.

The screen’s unique design allows it to be lowered out of sight, below track level, when not in use. This was a key consideration during the planning process, given Goodwood’s exposure to high winds, and its position in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Installed on a giant 20m tall telescopic mast


At full height, the screen’s mast is nearly 20m tall (or 197 hands for those familiar with the equine form of measurement) Either way, it’s pretty tall. The reason for this is that the screen needs to be hidden from sight when not in use and have the ability to shelter from the considerable winds that hit the Sussex Downs from time to time.

Goodwood Racecourse General Manager, Alex Eade commented

“We pride ourselves on having the most beautiful racecourse in the world and, with that, comes a responsibility to deliver an experience to match. Big screens play a vital role in enhancing the raceday for our visitors, and we’re delighted to have partnered with ADI to install a new permanent display. We had a unique set of challenges related to the proposed position and functionality of the screen but, under ADI’s expert guidance, we were able to overcome those challenges and we’re very happy with the result.

“We’re looking forward to developing content for the big screen that will delight and entertain our visitors – blending racing action with stats, live odds, interviews, partner content and features from across the course. The fact the screen can move to face different areas of the course means we have real flexibility for how we use the screen for different events throughout the season.”

ADI Director, Nick Robinson added

“We’ve worked with Goodwood for over a decade, supplying mobile big screen technology across the course. We’re excited to extend our relationship and help take the raceday experience to the next level by installing Goodwood’s first permanent LED display.”

The giant new screen was unveiled at Goodwood’s Opening Saturday racing fixture in May and will be in action again for every major event, including the flagship Qatar Goodwood Festival in July, which attracts well over 100,000 visitors.

The team at Goodwood really seem to recognise the importance of investing in their digital platform in order to deliver value for partners. The installation of the new screen comes after years of delivering LED display technology for Goodwood. Working in partnership, we’ve really pushed the boundaries in racing. As explained in a previous post, Goodwood was the first to introduce digital furlong signage to deliver value for their sponsors.

digiBOARD on the final furlong

Now Goodwood is one of the first to install a permanent trackside screen, with the aim of enhancing the experience for spectators whilst increasing exposure for high-value sponsors.

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Dan Gray

Marketing Officer

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