VIDEO: Transforming the Value of Perimeter LED

Watch: How have Wolves transformed commercial revenue through perimeter LED tech?

23 May 2019

Dan Gray

Marketing Officer

No denying that since perimeter LED technology was first introduced in the Premier League nearly 20 years ago it has transformed club revenues. As a platform for activating sponsorships and delivering advertising, it’s incredibly powerful.

Rewind two decades and the way in which clubs used the technology to create revenue was pretty simple – 90 mins of inventory, carved up into single minutes, and sold to the highest bidder. That model still exists for many but, increasingly, clubs and media owners are finding more creative ways of harnessing the same technology to drive a much stronger yield.

A good example of a club doing exactly that is Wolverhampton Wanderers. Having earned promotion to the Premier League the previous season, Wolves weren’t content with simply copying the traditional model for driving revenue from perimeter LED technology and, instead, had far bigger ambitions.

Those ambitions were realised with the installation of a new double row perimeter LED system, which had the ability to deliver supersized content for brands and partners. Not just that, it transformed the way Wolves segmented their commercial proposition.

Watch the video to hear from Wolverhampton Wanderers’ MD, Laurie Dalrymple, together with Head of Corporate Sales, Steve Morton, discussing exactly what the club set out to achieve.

Watch the Video

In a future post, we’ll take a closer look at how different clubs across all tiers of the game are breaking with convention and tearing up the rule book when it comes to commercialising perimeter LED technology. Increasingly, we’re working with clubs to develop new commercial models that are achieving eyewatering results. More on that to come.

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Dan Gray

Marketing Officer

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