Watford FC Transform the Matchday Experience with New Superwide LED Screens

New Superwide Screens Installed at Watford FC

13 August 2019

Dan Gray

Marketing Officer

  • Watford Football Club transform Vicarage Road stadium with new digital LED display technology.
  • Two new 80sq.m superwide LED screens installed for the 2019/20 Premier League Season.
  • Screens to display entertaining and informative content to engage fans on match day.

This summer, we helped Watford Football Club transform their Vicarage Road stadium in readiness for the 2019/20 Premier League Season, by installing two new giant superwide LED screens.

Two 80sq.m screens, positioned at either end of the stadium, tower above the pitch to provide fans with a crystal clear view of the action. As well as helping fans to get a better perspective of the match, the 10mm high-resolution displays will screen replays, match stats, pre-match build up and, crucially for the 2019/20 season, VAR decisions.

Watford LED Screen

Their superwide format means the screens can simultaneously deliver live video, score information, sponsor branding, and match stats – creating a multifunctional display that enhances the match experience for fans and creates a powerful platform for brands.

In addition to manufacturing the high resolution LED screens, we undertook the entire project delivery, which involved lifting the screens over the stadium roof and into location using specialist equipment.

Watford Crane Lift

Specialist 85m high crane lifts the screens into place

ADI’s CEO, Geraint Williams said

“This has been a major construction and engineering project involving road closures and consideration for local residents. Lifting a 10 ton screen, the length of two double decker buses, over houses and the stadium roof is not without its challenges. However, in overcoming those challenges, and achieving what most would consider to be impossible, this has been one of the most rewarding projects we’ve delivered in recent years.”

“Credit must be given to the club for trusting in our vision for the project, and we’re looking forward to seeing the screens in action for years to come.”

Watford FC’s Chairman and Chief Executive, Scott Duxbury added

“ADI’s new giant screens are a great way to help kick off our new Premier League season. We continue to make a number of improvements to the stadium infrastructure here at Vicarage Road, and this innovative solution – given our ambitious stadium development plans – meant that we can continue to deliver a great visual experience to our supporters.

“Having worked with ADI for a number of years, we were confident in their ability to deliver the right solution and we’re delighted with the result.”



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Dan Gray

Marketing Officer

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