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6 Reasons Why Sports Venues Should Digitalise Their Signage

Gone are the days of bulky, static signage adorning sports stadia.

Today’s modern stadiums are no longer an amphitheatre made of hard stone but instead a digital arena, where those willing to step outside of their comfort zone and embrace the latest technology rule.

As the spectators’ appetite for wayfinding, engaging content and matchday information increases, digitalisation of a venue’s external signage has become a fundamental part of any stadium – offering not only convenience and smarter solutions to fans but also providing tangible benefits for clubs and owners alike.

If you’re still clinging onto traditional methods for activating partner brands and communicating messages throughout your stadium then it’s time to rethink.

Here’s just six reasons why you should digitalise your signage:

1. Increase Commercial Revenue

Unlike the traditional static signage, digital displays provide clubs with a multi-faceted platform capable of promoting various different brands at the same time. This allows you’re commercial team to expand their advertising and sponsorship portfolio due to the increased advertising space available. One of ADI’s unique offerings is a ‘Total Stadium Takeover’, which utilises all of the in-bowl canvasses to distribute synchronised content, creating a high-impact and high-value platform on which to deliver club or commercial partner messaging. Digital signage can also be used to advertise upcoming events or special offers through bespoke content, removing the requirement to swap out heavy, printed signage.

2. Improve Wayfinding

Sports stadiums can use LED signage to help improve the flow of spectators through the venue, freeing up congested areas and relieving bottle necks that negatively impact the matchday experience. Digital wayfinding solutions have become a valuable installation for large-capacity sporting venues as they reduce stress and save time, and from a ground safety perspective, they provide an array of benefits – particularly in the case of an emergency when the signage can be changed in real-time.

3. Improved Aesthetics & Sustainability

By implementing digital signage, you can modernise the look and feel of a stadium with creative visuals that really stand out from traditional signs. It is also a much more sustainable and cost-effective solution, as you don’t need to constantly keep printing new materials every time there is a change.

4. Enhance Fan Engagement

With dynamic content, you can use digital signs to capture the attention of fans and engage them with promotional offers, messages, information, social media walls, immersive and interactive content, full-motion advertisements and much more. Depending on how creative you want to be with your content, the fan engagement opportunities are endless and the benefits of digitalising your signage are huge.

5. Easily Update Content

Digital signage allows you to quickly update content on-the-fly without having to manually change out physical signs or posters. All changes can be made remotely via a content management system, from any device connected to the internet. The flexibility of the system offers full customisation for any occasion, including non-matchday events, allowing you to completely transform the venue with relevant branding, logos and messaging.

6. Technology Evolution

By opting for digital signage, you’re displays will feature our proprietary MT LED technology, which has been designed specifically for efficiency, reliability and lifetime cost-effectiveness. It is also lighter and easier to maintain than static signage. Clubs that have gone digital have been able to remove any of the costs associated with physical signs, which include production, repair, replacement and installation, and replace it with a future-proof solution. In addition to this, all installations are supported by ADI’s renowned levels of service – damaged panels are easily swapped out and sent to ADI’s UK service bench for repair and re-use later. Watch the video below to see how efficient the replacement process is.

“We are now able to brand Turf Moor in the way that may be required for a particular non-football event as well as the way that we want it branded for a matchday. There is a flexibility to change on a moment’s notice and adapt to the commercial opportunities that exist. For example, if a car company wanted to promote a special deal and highlight that around the entirety of Turf Moor then we can actually change the LED everywhere. We can also do this on the way out of the stadium so that people walking back to their cars from the different stands all see the same thing at the exact same time. Therefore we believe it has benefits to commercial partners in helping us unlock those opportunities with them. But it also has benefits for our fanbase by making sure that they don’t just see the same thing that had been displayed previously on a static basis.”

If you’re thinking about upgrading your existing signage; have ambitions for a full stadium transformation, or simply wanting to explore your options, we’d love to help. Contact our friendly sales team today. Email:, telephone: 0800 592346.


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