Tour de France Depart Ramp


The 2022 edition of the world’s most famous tour kicked-off in Copenhagen with a truly unique Grand Départ, and the debut of some innovative LED display solutions.

A dazzling LED Départ Ramp and mobile Stage Screen were new additions to Le Tour, both produced by ADI through a custom design and build process. These bespoke digital assets were integral to the event staging; with the Départ Ramp a central focus of the Stage 1 Time Trial, and the mobile Stage Screen helping entertain spectators at the Fan Village, which travelled to every stage of the Tour.


Taking the title of biggest international sporting event – with more live spectators than the Olympics or World Cup – Le Tour demands exceptional production partners who can bring the best and most innovative event solutions to the table.
Since 2018, ADI have supported the organiser – Amaury Sport Organisation – and this world-famous event as a technical event provider, deploying an increasing number of high-impact LED screen solutionsproduction services and skilled staff. 

We’ve also come to understand ASO’s ambitions and vision for Le Tour, and can offer the expertise of our in-house R&D specialists to devise solutions that help evolve the fan experience, brand activation and technical event production.


ASO tasked ADI with conceptualising two new solutions – and bringing them to life for the start of the 2022 Tour. From initial ideas and discussions with the client, detailed briefs and requirements were defined for both the Départ Ramp and mobile Stage Screen unit. 

A key part of the process – and of huge value to our clients – is ADI’s ability to design engineer and visualise bespoke solutions. Our technical, commercial and creative teams collaborated in the projects, producing 3D video renders that helped to shape and evolve the concepts, and get the solutions to the stage of client sign-off, before manufacture and production processes could begin.

We were excited to work with ASO in developing new LED assets that were front and centre of Le Tour. As an established client, ASO can utilise the in-house skills and resource we have for developing completely customised, innovative products, and enjoy the added benefit that our team will also manufacture, deliver and deploy these solutions for them successfully across their event.”


Stage 1 of the Tour was a 13km individual time trial around central Copenhagen, with a fierce battle to win the very first yellow jersey. With a long-list of 176 riders starting the Tour, the Départ Ramp is a crucial element of the event and broadcast production, creating a visual spectacle for every athlete’s entrance. 

ASO worked with ADI to design a ramp solution that was larger and more impactful than previous iterations. The architectural-style temporary structure was designed with ramps front and back to suit its functional requirements, and offered ample canvases for branding. The front camera-facing side was clad in high-resolution 3mm modular LED product, with more digital signage integration than previous solutions.

Before each rider rolled down the start ramp to race against the clock – and be met by huge, enthusiastic crowds – their name, head-shot and number were broadcast on the LED displays, before individual countdowns to enhance the atmosphere and build anticipation.

Another key function of the Départ Ramp is to activate headline partners in front of international broadcast audiences, which can total billions of avid TV viewers. Digital branding and video were displayed across the LED frontage of the ramp structure, delivering TV exposure and coverage for Tissot and City of Copenhagen, amongst other global partners.



While world-class racing across perilous landscapes draws huge crowds of spectators, Le Tour is also about live entertainment and fun. At each stage and location stop, the Tour brings its fully featured Fan Village, with live music and performance, sponsor activations and interactive experiences. 

Key requirements for this live event zone are large-format LED screens and staging solutions, but these need to be quick and easy to deploy, and able to travel across all 21 Stages around Europe. With our expertise in mobile LED screen design and build – and leading the market with the world’s largest fleet – we were asked by ASO to manufacture a unit completely bespoke to their needs.

ADI’s in-house technical teams designed a mobile screen featuring a 20sqm LED display and 29sqm stage, that are both integrated within a secure container-style unit. This meant that the client didn’t need to worry about procuring and transporting these elements separately, bringing enhanced simplicity to their touring production. The build and de-rig of the stage screen was also quick, which was hugely beneficial on a busy event site that travels across so many locations.

Fully branded and vinyl-wrapped for the occasion, the new Stage Screen unit has been successfully deployed across all 3,328 kilometres of 2022’s Tour, bringing a new live entertainment platform to the travelling Fan Village, and hosting performers, dance troupes, presenters and athletes for the enjoyment of the event’s spectators and local audiences.



ADI’s involvement in the Tour de France has evolved significantly over several years; not only in the delivery of an increasing number of LED screens & signagevideo distribution and staff, but in introducing custom, cutting-edge solutions that enhance the live experience and activations at this world-famous sports event. 

Beyond the new LED assets, Le Tour utilises some of ADI’s most unique mobile LED screens, including the dual-sided iCONIC 15 in the Fan Village, the iCONIC 40C for continuous live race coverage, and a collection of seven additional iCONIC screens for the Finale on the Champs Élysées in Paris.

ADI’s mobile screen solutions are complimented by extensive modular LED provision, with digital signage and high-res screens that are integrated into event infrastructure, including start and finish gantries, and podium units. 

All display hardware is supported by a skilled and agile team of 12 ADI staff that travel on every stage of Le Tour. They assist with video distribution, connectivity and content play-out; seamlessly working alongside the client and other event delivery partners in the tight logistical schedule of the world’s most famous tour.


Sunday 24th July was a historic day in Paris, with not one, but two pelotons racing through it. While the Tour de France  came to a close, the TDF Femmes was just getting started. Relaunched for 2022 after a 33-year absence, this 8-stage race began at the iconic Eiffel Tower.

ADI are supplied a number of solutions for the TDF Femmes, including the unique iCONIC 60 Stage, iCONIC 40C and a host of modular LED signage and displays.

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Photos courtesy of Photography by Matthew James and ADI