MetroCentre Revamp external screens

ADI Chosen for Metrocentre Digital Revamp

Unique digital platforms to be installed as part of Metrocentre’s major refurbishment, including a three-sided LED lift shaft wrap

Following an extensive consultation process, digital installation specialists ADI have been chosen to deliver two brand-new LED platforms to the iconic Metrocentre as part of a major investment programme by the centre’s asset managers Sovereign Centros. The unique canvases will provide an overhaul of the destination’s digital out-of-home portfolio and maximise commercial value, while also enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

With three decades of experience in providing LED solutions to over 30 UK-based retail and leisure destinations, ADI will be installing 174 square metres of modular LED across an internal and external location, with planning for a third still ongoing.

The digital platforms, which will be owned by Metrocentre, expand their existing digital portfolio, and allows them to have full control over how the screens are utilised.

Throughout the project, ADI have collaborated closely with Leslie Jones Architects to develop the best and most impactful solutions. The platforms have been designed to generate better revenue streams for the client, give advertisers the ability to promote their brand more creatively and also generate a point of interest for shoppers through engaging content.

Town Square Lift Shaft

The installation of a three-sided wrap around LED lift shaft sits at the centre of the £5 million renovation of Town Square, which has welcomed new anchor tenant H Beauty by Harrods in recent months. The refurbishment has seen trees and shrubs brought into the space to help create a greener feel, with the screens fitting seamlessly into this environment.

With its unique, multi-faceted design, the canvas will allow for more creative out-of-home advertising campaigns for tenants and brands. Content can be delivered across the front face and two side return walls to portray depth and 3D perspective, creating a truly immersive digital environment for shoppers to interact with.

As part of the contract, Metrocentre have retained a percentage of the screen time for their own personal use, which will allow them to deliver creative and immersive content that focuses on viewer experience, rather than purely commercial messaging.

“As an organisation, we have a strong pedigree in supplying LED displays to UK retail and leisure destinations, but we’re beginning to see an increased appetite for more creative solutions, where immersive content and fine pitch displays are brought together to create a unique customer experience. Our installations at the Metrocentre generate new opportunities for commercial brands to promote themselves, and with digital platforms such as the three-sided LED lift shaft in Town Square, brands will be able to inject more creativity into their out-of-home-advertising campaigns. The digital transformation project is aligned to the Metro Centre’s wider ambitions to create memorable experiences for the public and we are pleased to be able to contribute to it.”

Red Mall Entrance

The Red Mall is the main entry point for Metrocentre shoppers and it is here that ADI will be installing a giant 121 sqm LED screen to the exterior wall. The digital display will provide a huge canvas for Metrocentre to generate new revenue streams, with brands given access to a display that can reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers per day.

The install will be a key touchpoint positioned in the heart of a high footfall area, and ties in with the centre’s wider ambitions to create a premium shopping experience. Jo Malone and Flannels stores are expected to be added to the Red Mall site in the coming months, with the platform in place to help the centre attract more premium retailers.

Next-Generation Product

Both installations will feature ADI’s proprietary MT series, which has been designed, engineered and manufactured by ADI’s own in-house team and takes the learnings of over 20 years of LED screen manufacturing to meet the evolving needs of modern-day customers.

The panel is 50% lighter and slimmer than ADI’s previous product, giving architects the ability to incorporate unique digital platforms into their designs due to the reduction in large, heavy and costly supporting steelwork. This also results in lower installation costs, simpler maintenance and a more elegant design because of the discrete and self-contained modules that are used.

Another key benefit is the the custom-designed MT-Mount system – a revolutionary mounting solution that combines a flexible extrusion frame with on-board twist lock – which reimagines what can be achieved for retail & leisure destinations during a venue transformation project. The system means that MT panels can be easily mounted onto lightweight structures, allowing installations in complex and challenging spaces.

Sustainability and longevity are a huge attraction for the client, with the screen using less energy than ever before with just a single cable carrying both power and data in an out of the module. Using the MT series, ADI are now able to provide retail & leisure destinations with a reliable and eco-friendly product that has exceptional image quality.

“ADI’s expertise in LED technology and content creation made them the ideal partner to execute this project. When sharing our ideas, it quickly became apparent that they understood our vision and what we wanted to achieve. They leant on their experience in digitalising customer experiences and delivered solutions that exceeded all our expectations. Their impressive LED displays will provide shoppers with a more visualy interesting, digital environment, offer advertisers better opportunities to connect with target audiences, and help us achieve new streams of revenue, while shaping and transforming the look and feel of our centre.”


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