ADI help Extreme E make history in Greenland


With the Arctic warming faster than anywhere in the world, and Greenland’s ice melting at the quickest rate in the last 12,000 years, it’s no surprise that the globe’s largest island was selected by Extreme E for their latest race. 

The inaugural Arctic X Prix marked Greenland’s first-ever motorsport event, and also highlighted the impact of climate change and rising sea levels better than anywhere else.

Greenland’s dramatic landscape of glaciers and vast tundra provided the perfect setting for SUV electric racing, with the off-road championship now enjoying worldwide popularity given its unique mix of high-octane sport and environmental focus. 

ADI travelled with the Extreme E team to this remote island, and the small town of Kangerlussuaq on the western coast, about 30 miles north of the Arctic Circle. In close proximity to Greenland’s ice sheet and the Russell Glacier, the wider team built a challenging course, sleek outdoor hospitality area and high-tech broadcast infrastructure so they could reach international audiences.

the command centre: keeping fans connected

Without fans in attendance, and looking for a creative way to showcase each race, Extreme E developed the idea for a Command Centre at the start of 2021. ADI were involved from the off, helping turn this concept for a futuristic broadcast studio and strategy space into a reality. 

With our team of event production specialists integrating fine pitch LED displays, audio and lighting with innovative content play-out and media servers, Extreme E’s sports presentation is completely reactive to events during the race, and uniquely engaging for the viewer.

The Command Centre hosts each team’s principal, driver and engineer around the vast LED-clad desk, with well-known names like Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg making an appearance in this high-energy race hub.

vip screening

In addition to the Command Centre solution, ADI provide an outdoor modular screen for live race broadcast at the X Prix hospitality area. Featuring high res LED and supporting structure, the large display provides constant live coverage to the VIP’s and team members on-site, who could watch team Andretti United clinch victory on the final day of racing. 

Photos courtesy of Extreme E and ADI

Working on the Arctic X Prix was an incredible experience for our team, full of exploration and adventure! The remote landscapes and glaciers offered a dramatic backdrop to the racing, but also hit home the real impact of the climate crisis, since we could see the effects first-hand. Working in such a remote environment offers its challenges, but our team are now well-versed in meeting them, and delivering seamless live production and LED solutions for Extreme E wherever they are in the world.