ADI LED Technology: Revitalising Public Spaces

ADI have a strong pedigree in digitally transforming and revitalising public spaces and places through the power of LED technology.

Our screens have transformed dormant urban landscapes and city centres into bustling attractions, opening opportunities for commercial revenue, and increasing footfall in city centres.

Digital installations in the public realm are more than just an LED screen; we are providing complete, dedicated solutions which provide local authorities with the tools to be able to host events and draw communities together.


Here are some examples of our previous public realm transformations:

Lyceum Square

Our latest public realm install was a digital transformation of Lyceum Square, located in Crewe, on behalf of Cheshire East Council. We installed a 11.29m2 LED screen, a 4mm black SMD and audio integration, which will become and important part of the events and activity programme at the new scheme, re-named Ly2.

The LED technology is perfectly positioned in a high footfall area to drive maximum engagement and can be used by Cheshire East Council as a backdrop for public events, live acts and to stream key sporting events. The screen has plug-in points which are simple to use and easy to connect, meaning the screen can be even more adaptable to the needs and desires of the local community.

Leeds Millennium Square

We upgraded the Leeds Big Screen in Millennium Square with a 25m2 landscape canvas, featuring ADI’s proprietary MT technology and integrated audio. Commissioned by Leeds City Council, the upgraded screen provides the bustling city centre destination with an improved digital-out-of-home (DOOH) platform to activate brand advertisers and helps promote the renowned entertainment programme held within the public realm space – driving public engagement in the local area.

Since the new 4mm screen went live at the end of April 2023, the square has already played host to many events including a special King’s Coronation screening and a Eurovision Fan Zone – both of which used the high-definition LED platform to show live feeds of the events.

“The upgrade of the Big Screen in Millennium Square has been fantastic. The ADI team went above and beyond to meet a tight deadline and exceeded all our expectations with the quality of both their product and service. This investment, with funding support from WYCA (West Yorkshire Combined Authority) made available to cities towards the staging of the Coronation and Eurovision 2023 screening events, represents a significant shift in picture quality and supporting technology, and providing a greater opportunity to create and share new and unforgettable visual experiences with our visitors and audiences.”

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Leicester Highcross Shopping Centre

A fantastic example of using LED creatively, “The Beacons” is an award-winning installation in a high-footfall area in St Peter’s Square outside of Highcross Shopping Centre, which consists of seven totems with three sides of LED.

We had a clear brief that the content displayed on The Beacons had to be interactive, engaging, and educational. The client, Hammerson, wanted an innovative product that would put Leicester, and Highcross, on the map.

The aim was to create a focal point in the square to increase dwell time. The Beacons were tactically placed in a specific point in the square so that they were visible from all four approaching routes.

The totems provided a unique digital canvas, with the seven totems able to display moving 3D images on all three sides. The content created was colourful, bright, and animated; creating a big impact on the square.

Following the initial project, The Beacons continue to be used with an ongoing programme of new content. Years later, Highcross is still seeing the positive benefits of the screens on the public as a point of interest, revitalising the square and the now thriving food and beverage areas.

Play Video about Beacons Highcross LED Art Installation in City Centre Close up

Vicar Lane, Chesterfield

In winter 2019, we installed a 42m2 curved LED screen externally to Vicar Lane Shopping Centre in Chesterfield.

The goal was to create a focal point within the town to attract more people to the shopping centre and improve the business district of high street brands, local businesses and eateries.

Towards the end of 2020, just one year after its installation, the screen was used to host outdoor cinema events as the public came back together after the nationwide lockdown; creating a buzz within the local area with showings of popular films such as The Greatest Showman and Bohemian Rapsody.

More recently, the screen has continued to be used for public events such as outdoor cinemas and Piing gaming events, as well as being used as an advertising platform to promote local businesses.


With a proven track record of re-generating and reviving public spaces, here are some of our upcoming projects:

Bradford Darley Street Market

Bradford Darley Street Market will remodel the city’s core shopping area by relocating its two existing city centre markets to the easily accessible Darley Street. The new square will provide space for outdoor markets and ad-hoc trading, and will double up as an event space to secure the future vitality of this important area of the city centre.

As part of the huge development, we will be providing a mix of 15 digital screens inside and outside of the market.

We’ll be installing a 28m² outdoor LED screen which will be the focal point for the outdoor market square and is expected to host a range of cultural and entertainment events designed to draw in crowds from the surrounding area.

ADI will install indoor and outdoor cameras facing performance and demonstration areas, alongside a further 5 large entertainment screens inside the venue, complimented by ADI’s integrated full audio solution. In addition, ADI will be installing digital signage throughout, which features a mix of double-sided LCD totems and wall-mounted informational screens, to aid with wayfinding and commercial content.

The complete public realm transformation package will provide Darley Street Market with the capacity to host events in the future, such as live music events, food festivals, games festivals, outdoor movie nights, and sporting and other cultural events.

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Bradford Live

As part of Bradford Live’s multi-million-pound redevelopment project, ADI will be installing a huge 195m² LED screen to the Bradford Live entertainment venue in 2024, supported by Bradford Council.

The 32-metre-wide digital display between the venue’s two main entrances will bring life back to the iconic entertainment hub – which has been unused for 23 years – having once hosted performances by the Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

The installation of ADI’s proprietary MT product will offer Bradford Live a high-resolution, premium canvas, that can generate new revenue streams and build up their digital out-of-home (DOOH) portfolio, while transforming the look and feel of the 90-year-old art-deco building.

This Bradford Live redevelopment follows the announcement that Bradford will become the UK City of Culture in 2025, which will see thousands of performances, events and festivals hosted across the district. When Bradford Live opens, it is expected to attract 300k visitors to the city each year and that the screen will become an attraction in it’s own right, initially serving as a focal point of Bradford’s City of Culture Celebrations in 2025.

Read more about the Bradford Live project >

Yeovil Town Centre

Another upcoming project is in Yeovil town centre, where we’ll be installing a LED screen with integrated audio.

The screen will be located in ‘The Triangle’ as part of the ‘Yeovil Refresh’ by South Somerset District Council, with the aim of making the space more attractive to residents, visitors and businesses. A big outdoor screen was added to the plans after a public consultation, where many people requested a big screen for events and promotions.

The screen will open avenues for advertising opportunities and provide a place to display local key information, but it will also help to transform The Triangle into a bustling public realm event space, creating community engagement, and encouraging people to congregate together and enjoy the town centre.

From Concept to reality

Looking to transform a public realm space?

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