ADI win Formula E Sports Presentation Contract

ADI Win Sports Presentation Contract For Formula E

ADI join forces with Funny Hands Media to manage comprehensive sports presentation programme for Formula E

Season 9 is underway and Formula E fans are in for a treat as ADI, a leading provider of technical infrastructure and innovative live event solutions, will be collaborating with TV production specialists Funny Hands to deliver the full sports presentation programme for the 2023 FIA Formula E World Championship.

Together, ADI and Funny Hands will be managing the sport presentation strategy for Formula E this season, which kicked off in Mexico City last weekend.

The partnership is aimed at providing a more comprehensive and engaging race day experience for spectators, and offering an improved fan journey, from the moment they arrive at the venue to the moment they leave.

What is Sports Presentation?

You might be wondering what sports presentation is exactly. Sports Presentation is what the spectators and Drivers see, hear and feel inside the venue. Fusing lots of different sports production elements together, it is designed to generate an exhilarating atmosphere at, and around, the event, with the bi-product being an improved viewing experience for the TV audience.

Enhancing Fan Engagement

The sports presentation programme designed for Season 9 is bigger and better than ever before. It is an ever-evolving product, which utilises the latest technological advancements to boost spectator engagement for those inside the venue.

The show for the tv audience and in-venue spectators will now be completely unique, adding huge value to the live spectator experience. 

Combining Expertise

As part of the partnership, ADI will be delivering the sports presentation technical infrastructure, site wide creative content, communications and innovative fan technologies. What was a once a complex production cycle, has become a streamlined presentation that can be designed and managed by a single team.

Meanwhile, Funny Hands will be working on the live production side, crafting the creative and visual elements that will make the Formula E race day experience unforgettable. Their team of live event professionals will be responsible for creating the in-venue show.

The combination of ADI’s technical know-how and Funny Hands’ presentation team is expected to bring a new level of excitement to the live Formula E experience. Spectators will be able to take in the thrill of the race in a more immersive way.

This partnership is a major step forward in the Formula E world and fans can expect more updates on this exciting development as Season 9 continues.

Formula E Sports Presentation Solutions

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