GSmatt Media Glass Facade on building

Unlock The Creativity of Your Glass With ADI

ADI have further expanded our range of products with a new partnership with G-Smatt Europe.  The deal sees us adding G-Smatt’s stunning media facade products to the range of transformative digital solutions we offer our customers, bringing new possibilities for impact and creativity on a massive scale.

With G-Smatt’s range of products, we can transform traditional glass into a stunning and interactive multimedia canvas,  capable of showcasing your company’s creativity and projecting your brand onto the modern cityscape.

G-Glass offers so much more than standard laminated glass could hope to deliver. It can:


Live stream film and sporting events


Integrate Motion Interactivity


Create live content from mobile phones & devices


Recognise and utilise sound interactivity


Be a platform for social interaction & community gaming

A Glass Façade for Every Occasion

What stylish building is complete without a stunning glass façade? Look around any modern cityscape and one thing you will see everywhere is glass. Now, what if all that glass was a living canvas of art, moving imagery and interactivity? ADI can make that an amazing reality for all the world to see.

Whether your building’s façade is flat, curved or a three-dimensional structure; we can bring it to life with digital display and interactivity. With ADI and G-Smatt products, you can design and build creativity and media display into the very architecture of your premises.

G-Smatt Digital Media Glass is certified as a construction grade building material, providing a weatherproof outer layer and digital display platform in one smart and stylish solution. The product range can be installed in conjunction with all commonly used curtainwall systems or retrofitted to the internal or external surfaces of an existing façade, meaning the technology can be deployed whether you are planning a new build or looking to upgrade an existing structure with digital media.

G-Glass is 99.75% transparent, allowing it to let through almost all the light of traditional glass. When not in use, G-Glass has the appearance and properties of standard laminated glass, which minimises distraction for office users and neighbouring buildings when not in operation. With G-Glass you have all the benefits of construction grade glass with the added benefits of a built-in digital display platform.

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Beautiful GLASS Balustrading

You can turn your balustrades into an eye-catching digital platform, capable of showcasing your corporate image and style for everyone to see. Be it internal or external, the G-Smatt products supplied by ADI can enhance your existing glass balustrades with multimedia content or replace non-glass balustrades with a stunning digital display solution. 

Picturesque Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are a common design feature of modern architecture. Be it separating office space with an internal wall or as a freestanding feature in your lobby, glass partitions are often practical and serve a function in the space they inhabit. With G-Glass solutions from ADI, you can get more from your partitions and maximise their potential with eye-catching imagery and interactivity.

Get more from your glass partitions by using them as a stunning focal point, display company infographics and corporate branding, project your company’s creativity to inspire, empower and interact with your workforce. The possibilities G-Glass offers are limited only by your own creative ambitions.

Feature Walls Featuring G-Glass

Are you looking for that unique feature or sculpture to make your business stand apart in a crowded marketplace? Maybe you want something to engage and delight visitors or create a visual spectacle that will become synonymous with your brand. G-Glass is the perfect material for such a design project.

Once installed, G-Smatt’s Digital Media Glass is easily cleaned, maintained, and comes with a long-term manufactures guarantee. At a comparative price, but with a host of benefits over older style mesh and rail products, G-Glass is setting the new standard for how transparent digital displays should look and perform.

Unlock the potential of your glass with G-Glass from ADI. Contact us to discuss how we can help put your creativity on display.

Media Glass Facade on Building

ADI unveil the largest digital ceiling in Europe as part of Manchester’s Printworks Transformation.