Diriyah E-Prix showcases creative applications in LED

A wealth of new LED concepts and creative digital canvases supported the sleek presentation and spectacular live production achieved at the Diriyah E-Prix (28th & 29th January), which served as the opener to the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship Season 8.

As long-term event delivery partners to the electric racing series, ADI provided their expertise in technical productionLED screens and creative content; ensuring Formula E stand-out in the world of live sport experience as they launch a new season.


Live sports events in KSA are always a glittering affair on a massive scale, so it was crucial that the 2022 Diriyah double-header delivered lots of dynamic visual experiences for both local and remote audiences. The ADI team integrated the latest LED display hardware with event site infrastructure, resulting in over 700sqm of vibrant, eye-catching digital displays and content-driven experiences at the trackside, Allianz E-Village and Boss Emotion Club.

Before the start of each season the ADI team conceptualise and develop a variety of new applications combining LED technologies with creative video, supported by technical production and operation. We’re driven by innovation just like Formula E, and work with the client to devise unique event concepts that offer greater visual impact for fans at the venue and via broadcast, but also valuable versatility for Formula E and its brand partners.

A Premium Experience AT the Boss Emotion Club

Our team helped achieve an ultra-modern, luxurious feel for this premium hospitality experience; integrating fine pitch LED hardware within the open spaces, and producing custom Boss content to bring them to life.

From the entrance of the Boss Emotion Club a sleek digital experience was created for visitors, with a large curve of 3mm LED welcoming guests at the front desk, with ambient branded video featuring desert landscapes and famous KSA landmarks. 

The theme continued inside the Club, including dual-sided LED columns showing giant Boss-clad FE drivers, and a super-wider 48:9 aspect ratio display with live races feeds and data. Outside a selection of large-format screens kept guests tuned into the action, while a new architectural feature incorporated five columns of LED, displaying bold 3D patterns and cityscapes incorporating the Boss brand.

Solutions for the ALLIANZ E-VILLAGE & FE TRACK

The seamless application of LED continued across the venue, particularly at the dedicated fan festival hosted in the Allianz E-Village. A new edition from ADI included a 20 metre wide strip of LED on the welcome arch, supporting a variety of race-day messages and animations created by our Studios team. Also greeting fans were towering 3 metre high totems, clad in LED on two sides, and bringing a source of fun and infotainment with the digital FE mascot and driver profiles.

Even the track has digital elements, and following the successful delivery of the innovative finish line gantry last year – with content driven automatically by the car’s telemetry system – this season we’ve increased the over-track LED assets to encompass both a start and finish gantry, in addition to dedicated LED gantries for key partners ABB and Michelin elsewhere on the track. 

These creative applications deliver dynamic sports presentation for fans watching via TV or live streams, while elevating race sponsors in front of global broadcast audiences.

Evolving Partnership

From the provision of a few mobile LED screens at Battersea Park in 2015 for the first London E-Prix, ADI have evolved to become a vital partner for Formula E’s worldwide event delivery. Our solutions feature across the entire event site, and we act as a specialist provider who is not only at the forefront of immersive LED, but also connectivity, sports presentation and digital content. Our ability to support Formula E with new event concepts and future fan engagement assists in the Championship’s continued growth, and their huge worldwide appeal into Season 8 and beyond.

Next stop in the Formula E calendar is Rome (9th & 10th April), find out more about the championship here and the extensive solutions ADI provide to them on this link.


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