Discover the Value of Interactivity with ADI

ADI offer a range of interactive solutions that create memorable and shareable experiences for your audience, using interactivity to engage more people, spread awareness further and activate commercial partnerships in fun and creative ways.

The power of interactivity

Would you like to engage with more people, gain more shares across social media, and create more memorable experiences for visitors?

Interactive digital displays can do this and more. According to DemandGen, interactive content gains two times more engagement than static content. People are drawn to things they can be a part of and interact with, interaction = customer action.

Boost engagement by creating fun, memorable experiences that your visitors will want to talk about and share with others.

The future of interactive displays

According to Lumus Vision, 71% of consumers would prefer to shop at stores with an AR experience. Interactivity, augmented reality, and virtual reality have become powerful tools in engaging audiences, drawing attention, and entertaining visitors at a wide range of venues.

ADI breathes life into creative concepts with interactivity. Our in-house teams can conceptualise creative content, design custom AR and VR applications, and supply the technology to bring them to life. We combine creative design, innovative software, and leading hardware to deliver memorable interactive experiences.

“At ADI, we pride ourselves on turning creative ideas into tangible, memorable experiences for our clients. I love working with new interactive technologies, and finding the best ways to use them to draw attention and engagement for our customers.”

Commericaly Creative

ADI designed solutions for REVO in 2018 and 2019, transforming the event venues/exhibition halls with large-scale LED screens and interactive, mixed reality experiences. Interactivity was at the heart of the content, with several different reactive examples developed by our in-house team. These showpieces engaged with delegates in fun and creative ways, drawing lots of positive attention and interaction for our brand.

Liverpool FC use Ping games to entertain and engage supporters in their fan zones. Ping offers large-scale interactive games that are easily accessible from mobile devices. When combined with our LED fan zone screens, they form a perfect way to draw fans earlier, entertain and build atmosphere, and add memorable experiential value.

“Our large-scale interactive games are the perfect way to entertain and engage a crowd in any sized venue. Ping games bring people together while creating dynamic experiences and memorable gaming moments for visitors. Unite people with the power of gaming.”

A large-scale Ping game entertaining delegates at REVO.

Silverstone utilised one of our interactive social media walls during their 2020 Lap Land event. Interactive social media walls help encourage and boost organic sharing across social media platforms, helping to spread awareness and create buzz around the event or venue. Our social media walls can be custom designed to suit your brand, colours, typeface, and choice of social media channels.

“ADI’s social media wall was a valuable addition to our Lap Land event. It encouraged our visitors to share their experience with us and spread exposure for the event. We saw great levels of engagement with the social media wall, people gravitated towards it and wanted to see their post on the big screen.”

The Social media wall at Silverstone's Lap Land event

Integrate interactivity

How would your business or event benefit from interactive displays? There are some fantastic applications for interactive LED technology:

• Augmented reality screens and digital totems create memorable and shareable experiences.
• Interactive displays in shops help drive sales while delivering focused advertising and calls to action.
• Hospitality and fan zones at live events can use interactivity to entertain visitors and create atmosphere.
• Interactive entrance signage attracts more attention and drives greater footfall inside.
• Fun and creative interactive experiences encourage and increase dwell time in venues.
• Provides a platform for brand activations and experiential marketing campaigns.

If you would like to know more about the interactive solutions ADI offer, or how your event or venue can benefit from interactive displays, get in touch with us.

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ADI unveil the largest digital ceiling in Europe as part of Manchester’s Printworks Transformation.