Dynamic Digital Canvas Comes to Crystal Palace – Featured in MONDO | STADIA

This month’s Mondo | Stadia magazine features a six page spread on ADI’s huge digital transformation at Selhurst Park.  

We’ve reproduced the article in full below:

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Selhurst Park has been the recipient of a monumental make-over and digital upgrade this season, thanks to a new stadium-wide digital platform delivered by digital venue engagement specialists ADI.

The project has seen ADI deliver a huge digital canvas spanning across three sides of the stadium, providing a vastly expanded platform on which to engage with fans and activate commercial partnerships. In total the screens and signage cover nearly 1,000m2 of space across 3 stands and around the pitch within Selhurst Park.

The Journey

Looking to modernize, commercialise and future-proof the fan experience, Crystal Palace FC partnered with ADI to help deliver the best digital stadium solutions to achieve their vision, as well as the content that would bring it to life for the fans and partner brands.

ADI explored commercial modelling with the club and investigated the new revenue opportunities that a refreshed in-venue platform could bring. 3D video renders created by ADI allowed initial discussions to be turned into realistic visualisations for the club to approve. ADI then moved forward with LED screen manufacture and engineering, followed by phased installation and integration at the ground.

Total Stadium Takeover

The huge digital canvas across three sides of the stadium has dramatically revitalized the venue and has been made possible by ADI’s proprietary MT lightweight LED modules. This revolutionary product has an ultra slimline and lightweight design, making it far easier to install than competing products. The features allow venues to digitise spaces that previously would not have been able to support previous generation of LED panels.

Gone is the static signage across the front of the stands, replaced by multiple tiers of sleek LED ribbon that combine with super wide stadium screens and a full TV arc of digiBOARD digital perimeter.

Palace have opted for 6mm pixel pitch across the whole platform, creating a future-proof solution that looks as sharp, rich and vibrant on 4K broadcast cameras as it does from the stadium seats. ADI have designed and provided a powerful content management architecture to drive the millions of pixels across the platform.

 Whilst the digiBOARD digital perimeter is controlled by ADI’s proprietary digiSOFT – UK football’s leading perimeter software – powerful dedicated media servers sit at the heart of the platform. These allow different elements to be controlled separately whilst also providing the ability to seamlessly co-ordinate content across the whole stadium-wide platform, allowing the club and its commercial partners to create powerful, immersive messaging.

Show Time

Crystal Palace are known for their pre-match activations and the new screens and signage creates a huge canvas to ramp-up the club’s capacity to entertain and immerse the audience on a matchday. ADI’s Studios team have created a number of different pre-match shows throughout the season that co-ordinate digital content with music, lighting and pyrotechnics.

Once the match is underway, content management is a collaborative process between the Club and ADI, with Palace’s matchday team managing the video mix onto the 65sq.m. 24:9 screen and ADI taking responsibility for delivering content across the pitchside and ribbon signage platforms. At various times the platforms combine to delivers what ADI refer to as “Total Stadium Takeover” (TST) which sees all content co-ordinated across every screen – this proves particularly effective for in-match events such as substitutions and goals as well as for delivering high impact, immersive activation for commercial partners.

"ADI have played an important role, from the conception of this project right through to delivery and ongoing operation. In addition to upgrading the fan experience, ADI's huge experience in stadium digital platforms, they were able to help us to effectively model the expected returns, as well as provide visualisations to show our partners, giving us confidence to go ahead with the project.

"The installation has transformed the stadium - the pre-match show has always been an important part of the matchday for us and we're now able to take this to a new level. It's also enabled us to remove any static branding, creating a far cleaner stadium with the ability for brands to completely take over the whole platform."

"Modern, lightweight LED panels are revolutionising the capabilities of large scale digital technology; we're now able to install our screens and signage in far more locations. Just a few years ago this project wouldn't have been possible due to the required weight loadings on the stands, our new MT product range has allowed the club to reimagine huge swathes of the stadium as giant dynamic canvases.

"At the same time the cost of large scale construction has never been more expensive. We're increasingly seeing that clubs seeking to modernise their stadium are opting to install LED rather than commit to costly and risky, large-scale construction projects. The fact that the space also delivers commercial value only increases its attractiveness to clubs looking to engage with fans and attract and activate brands more effectively."

You can read this article in the latest edition of MONDO | STADIA Magazine shown below.

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