Extreme E Client Testimonial: what’s it like working with ADI?

Extreme E provide their insight on working with ADI, ahead of this weekend's Island X Prix in Sardinia

We are lucky enough to supply some of the world’s biggest names in live sport and events; but what’s so special about us, what is it like working with the ADI team, and what value and innovations do we bring to our clients?

At the Hydro X Prix in May of this year, we got the chance to catch-up with key members of the Extreme E team, Dave Adey, Head of Broadcast and Technology, and Harry Ellard, Hospitality Operations Manager. They gave us their take on working with ADI, and how we’ve supported this innovative, electric race series since its inception.

Take a look at what Extreme E had to say about us during the Hydro X Prix in May:
How have we added value for Extreme E?
  • We’ve worked with Extreme E from pre-launch; helping conceptualise and visualise specific elements, and bring then them to life within challenging, remote environments

  • Support of a dedicated ADI team with extensive skill sets and experience.

  • We are trusted by Extreme E to provide solutions for any technical problems that may occur – and deploy them anywhere in the world!

  • Our extensive provision of LED hardware and services helps Extreme E create a dynamic sports broadcast product and live hospitality experience.

  • We’re continually delivering innovation by providing new concepts, technologies and solutions that help Extreme E meet operational challenges, drive brand activation and support growth.

This weekend, our team are in Sardinia for the Extreme E Island X Prix (8th – 9th July). See where you can watch it live here – and keep an eye out for our LED technology throughout the event!

In the meantime, find out more about our work with Extreme E here.